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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Its a lifetime commitment and i tell you ser, its not like going to school that takes up your time. It is the pressure of time, money and effort and it will break you at some point. You should choose wisely too. A lazy person could break you sooner.

  2. Dog grow up. It’s a public coffee shop and anybody is allowed to be there. It sounds like this girl was perfectly cordial towards you and she did the right thing by sitting far away from y’all. You’re the one making it an issue. No, you didn’t “handle it okay”. You spent your entire date worried about someone else.

  3. Then why won't he let you go out with friends?

    That isn't a sign of a good person – it is a sign of a domestic abuser.

    Add in the coercive pregnancy, and it paints a picture of someone who wants you to be completely dependent on him, and cut off any support network that you could have.

    The physical violence will almost certainly come later if you stay.

  4. Tbf plenty people take a soft blanket and sleep in the bathtub. Could've also put pillows or blankets between you and the dude.

  5. Honestly, what you did in the two weeks you were not together is none of his business. You can’t cheat on someone you are not in a relationship with. Good luck with your relationship, hope he doesn’t screw it up again.

  6. This will probably get buried, but this comment is for me as much as it is for you, kind stranger. About five hours ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years (next week would have been our anniversary). We live! together and don't have kids but have multiple pets. We still love each other so much, but right now I need to not be in a relationship because I have things I need to work out on my own. He has his own things to work on too, but this break up is going like a dream. Because we care about one another, we want what is best for each other. We are having the best conversation about our relationship that we've ever had, what was good, but mostly what didn't work for both of us and what we need right now as individuals. I know that we will be better people both for this relationship and how we are managing our new relationship moving forward. You and your soon to be ex will be so much better for this break up and I think you both know that. All we did was sit down on the couch, the same way we've always done whenever we talk, and I just told him how I felt. That's all you need to do. So don't over think it, just trust her and yourself, and that everything will work out the way it needs to. Good luck.

  7. Because it’s a shifty creative writing exercise from a teenager who has no clue how these things work in real life.

  8. End the relationship your 21 and an easy target clearly to manipulate.

    He doesn't respect you or your boundaries and honesty doesn't sound like he cares for you at all, your just another hook up.

    If he did the second someone disrespected his so call main partner he should of walked away but he shoulder shrugged it like meh,

    And the fact one left and you came, he got you and a bunch of other nieve young men coming in a revolving door.

    End the relevant honey, I'd rather be alone and wait for something better than to be just another lay he has

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