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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. Go easy. There's a lot of activities that you two c an have fun doing together as long as you don't crush her spirit

  2. I don't think the “I love you” is too soon since you've known each other for almost 5 months now.

    But everything else is a big ass yikes. He doesn't respect you. Honestly just tell him you wanna go back to being friends. If he asks why, you can say you've decided long distance isn't for you. Or you can tell the truth that he's overbearing.

    If you don't wanna remain friends, break up with him and then block him everywhere.

  3. Desperation could cause you to jump into a situation you may one day regret. Relax and enjoy your life, concentrate on that and she will be there when the time is right. As far as your friends are concerned dont be so anxious because they are married or having kids already, maybe in 10 years those situations may have changed. Relax and be the best you you can

  4. I mean, she’s there some of the time. Also, this wouldn’t be an appropriate response to all of her complaints. They complement him and he mentions his girlfriend, it can come across as presumptuous and rude. Not clear what she wants.

  5. I don't think he's at all better because what was the point of informing you of his stalking and incredibly disgusting intent to meet you?

    If its blind honesty, then he did not think about how this info would make you feel. But I'd honestly feel like the intent in telling you was to show that he's changed so much for you, either to make you feel grateful he hasn't sexually assaulted you and that he did so much to be with you or to make you feel afraid to leave cause of his past thoughts. Both show a lack of consideration for you as a human being imo, both then and now.

    You've said you'd lose friends and arguably a social life if you left him. I'd much rather have no friends than stay with someone who had fully intended on hurting me so much that they manipulated ways to meet me and their personality to ensnare me.

  6. Woof. Affair baby is about as harsh as bastard tbh. Also “playing favorites” is a really funny way of saying “trying to make up for missing 21 years of her life”

  7. How are you 28 and asking this question? I don’t think he’s just looking for a friend by inviting you to his house for dinner… of course he wants to sleep with you ?

  8. Okay unless they both aren’t in love anymore, just beat friends, then it’s fine.

    But if either is still in love with one another when they got this dog AND the frequent texting?

    That’s a blaring red flag!

    Also who broke up with who? If it was her? Then she’s moved on and the ex hasn’t.

    But if the ex broke up with Op’s gf and only sees her platonically as a friend now, she could still be in love with her ex, settled for friendship and could still be holding out hope to some degree.

    Ex’s can only maintain friendship when both aren’t in love with each other anymore. When neither plans on getting back together.

  9. Man I dont even care if she was a virgin or not. What bothers is she acted me a fool, entire time pretending that I am the only one for her and all, asking me to marry, she lied the entire time. She faked it

  10. Eh. I work in a shelter 2 days a week. We have about 2 dozen black cats. They all are different. Behavior. Size. Facial shape. Eye color etc. I may not remember all their names, but I know who goes in which kennel

  11. After OP expanded on what the woman does and says, yeah she absolutely is rude, when I made the original comment I thought she only mentioned Jesus on passing comments, but OP added some more of her behavior towards her, and I agreed that she is a special kind of terrible.

  12. Thank you for your response. Pretty much what I've been trying to do. In the process, I feel like I'm losing out on my other friends. Just in a tough spot.

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