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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Shes using you and blaming you for not having amazing financial situation. You cant afford to finance her and she should not ask that of you. She is blaming you for things that are her own fault and she should be responsible for them. What you did making dinner and so on is a sweet gesture, you also are very supportive helping her with school things and so on. However does not seem like she thinks you as a person are enough for her. Shes toxic. Shes abusive. You are better off without each other.

    I had parents like this one put all their effort to finance the family while the other one barely brought any income and put their needs first, not surprisingly that parent was also the one who thought the one doing everything for the family was not doing enough.

  2. I agree and getting down votes for it. Just because 2 people are married doesn't mean they are 1 person. There are 2 people in a relationship! Unless you're living in a codependent, unhealthy situation.. Maybe husband is unhappy in his job, maybe he's always wanted to own a business?? I get that OP is scared and nervous, but that's where communication and research, and rearranging things to make this work for your family comes into play. If it's something that your spouse is passionate about figure out how to get on board. People change, and grow in life. You can't expect someone to stay at the same career, same hobbies, same everything for 50 years. You have to learn how to grow and pivot together as life continues. It's what keeps marriages together..

  3. So he's moving you away from your normal life, won't let you have opinions, and thinks it's absolutely fine for an adult human to regularly be irrational? Isolating you, shutting you down, already letting you know that he doesn't want to be responsible for his actions. Would you like an escort to the point or are you there already?

  4. They said they didn’t wanna hang out anymore, and that wasn’t enough for you. People change their minds. I don’t know what more you want

  5. He's either lying to himself, or you. That's it. Those are the options.

    Straight men do not make out with the boys.

  6. Yes, can confirm, it's a gross habit. Every time he scratches his balls, he's putting nasty gunk from his hands onto his junk. He wants his dick sucked, right? And you wash your hands before you eat, right? Same thing. Hands are dirty. Hands are the problem. Hands need to be washed before touching the genitals. Focus on the hands.

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