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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Im not pretending to be helpless, but I guess I now know what ppl mean by long distance usually dont work out in the long term

    Im just trying to sort out my mind

  2. Other people have covered the disgusting horror of what you're going through here sufficiently. But I want to add, you've been together 5 months and apparently already live! together? And now this happened… I would just run away from this guy.

  3. Why do so many people think you NEED porn to masturbate? Don‘t you have a brain you can use to think of nice things? You broke her trust for absolutely no reason. You have a wife and two kids, it‘s time to grow tf up.

  4. I have come to learn that there are people who are reliable and those that aren’t. I am you, I am reliable. A couple learnings I’ve had that may help you.

    You aren’t going to change them. I don’t get how these people navigate life, but they do and you aren’t going to change their perspective, so accept it or limit your contact to things that aren’t timed.

    If you are reliable when it comes to a partner, they need to be the same.

    Just accept they will be late, if they are reliably late, like 30 min no matter what, you can adjust the time you tell them, but more so plan things where waiting isn’t that big of a deal. Don’t plan to go to the me pub with them, plan to meet them there and go with a reliable friend. You two can get started and the other two show when they show, but you aren’t just sitting and staring at your watch waiting for them.

    Don’t be bitter about it, if you are going to accept this is who they are, fully accept it. Being mad about it takes away from the time you have with them and again, it’s not going to change. Especially women, I’ve seen men that are perpetually late meet a woman who isn’t and all of a sudden they figure out how to get to places when they have committed to, but not vice versa.

  5. Yeah, this confused me too lol. This this wasn’t the right word. But the overall message was good lol

  6. Ew girl you’re 20 and in the hottest years of your life. Why are you wasting them on this crusty fool? He doesn’t love you like you deserve. Hell, my friends treat me with more respect than that

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