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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Aw thank you for this! I’ve been doing pretty well before I found out and actually I found out from him himself. He was being pretty cruel by telling me that she could be the one. I didn’t ask anything else because I don’t want to know and it’s just a recipe for spiraling even more. I just don’t know how to deal with him moving on so easily from me specially when what we had was so special

  2. Okay, well not to put this back on you.

    But I think what he did, was a heavy decision on his behalf. Standing up for you and potentially at the cost of his reletionship with his parents.

    I don't think putting him to the side is a good move to make. Requesting space is fine, but I feel like you need to take into consideration how he might be feeling as a result.

    I love this girl, my parents do not approve, I told them I do not care about what they think, I am going to have her in my life regardless you like it or not…. now the girl needs a break from me?… I just jeopardized my reletionship with family for her… now my parents are saying they were right about her? … what gives? where is she at?

    I think you should at minimum bring him into the loop and heal with him in the picture. At least that would make things feel more secure for him after what he did.

    He took the position to protect you. I am sure he will go to greater lengths to ensure you remain protected and you two can work on a game plan to stop it from happening again.

  3. Tell your husband that you are taking a week vacation in two weeks, and you are going to travel somewhere nice. Tell him he gets to do your job for a week, so he can see how pathetic you are. Tell him you want to come home to a clean house and your kids should be well fed the entire trip. Tell him he needs to make sure they don't miss any sports events and/or bills etc.

  4. Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. I was laying here thinking this shower thing is a recurring theme in this guys posts. That’s weird. This is a set up. This is a whole set up. If I’m wrong about this, I’ll eat crow. But now it all makes sense.

    OP kept posting about how his brother fucked his girlfriend while drunk. He was passed out before she got there. She got drunk with his brother and cousin. They were being inappropriate. Cousin apologizes after things got too suggestive and leaves. OP set the whole thing up making it sound like his brother didn’t trust her to watch after him “drunk” and so he stuck around. But then mentions she finally calls it a night and goes to shower. Brother keeps coming in. She escorts him out. Brother planned to rape her. I bet brother drugged her and it kicked in in the shower. His pants were wet because he HELPED his brother either get her out of the shower to rape her, or back into the shower to wash off the evidence. Then he had sex with her to try and cover up the evidence, or at least make it more complicated. If they had sex and everyone knows about sex with brother why would she need a rape kit? She doesn’t know the truth. OP is covering up rape and abuse. Maybe I’m wrong, but something more is going on here. The shower incidents are not just a coincidence. I think OP is trying to establish a “pattern” of her showering when she’s hammered.

  5. Women have legitimate personal safety concerns/risks that guys generally don't have to think about. If this happened as she described, then it doesn't sound concerning at all.

  6. Oh my god and you believe him? YOU SERIOUSLY BELIEVE HIM???

    Girl don‘t do this to us, this is another manipulation tactic and lovebombing. „You‘re not like other women“ etc etc

  7. I guess he is just an insecure person. Not that I can't understand it, given the context, but whether you accept this is going to be the reality for you, for the rest of your life is up to you.

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