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Date: September 22, 2022

19 thoughts on “ASHLEY

  1. So she lied, lied some more and your hunch turned out to be true. Seems like she doesn’t respect you in the slightest and if you decide to stay with her, I reckon you don’t respect yourself either

  2. & I have to challenge these comments a bit about how you shouldn't have to choose. I get it, but also, sometimes we do meet two awesome people and have a struggle between possible lives and futures and it isn't always so crystal clear. The problem here is that you seem to want somebody else to make that choice for you and both seem to be waiting around in limbo, and thats not a healthy dynamic for a relationship to start with. & I also have to echo that I don't hear intense love or care in your description of either person.

  3. Well the stalking part isn’t so strange, but the sexual assault part is very questionable indeed. Usually offenders have some sort of past.

    I would get curious at this point.

    You could ask friends or ex girlfriends of him? Some police history? If you find some additional facts too then it’s very clear how to act.

  4. She hasn’t met his parents? Doesn’t know where he lives. Has set days and times to make contact. She actually doesn’t know anything about this guy… ?

  5. First of all, his dad gave him a job and most people don’t have that as a backup. He is really entitled. You should talk to his father since your shops share space about how his attitude is affecting you and see if his father can talk some sense into him. He’s 23, not a teenager. The other thing you can do is offer to train him in your business, without pay of course since he already has a job. He can learn to do the work and possibly get hired elsewhere. But don’t ignore a brat who didn’t get his way.

  6. Mary has of course been spamming my family and our friends with nonsense, claiming I attacked her, I’m a drug addict, I abuse my wife

    Even if it's not true, you're going to need to address this, so as to keep these types of comments from reaching, say… your employer. Legal counsel here is imperative.

  7. It's not inappropriate, but it could make their side of the family dislike the partner even more for retaliating.

  8. Girl he was still checking to see if he could get you to come running.

    Just block him and move on.

  9. That is a deep, dark place to be in friend. I am sorry that's where you are. Why do you hate yourself so much? You can forgive yourself. If you really think that your wife would be better off in a different relationship, maybe it's time you had the conversation about not being together so you can focus on yourself.

    Your daughter would never have a better life without you in it. She will always be better off knowing her father's love. I would seriously reach out to someone you trust, and tell them about the feelings you're having. All the best

  10. Funny thing, my grades in public school improved after I got prescription glasses. Does that mean that my glasses were the sole reason for my good grades, or that an obstacle was removed so that my abilities could be used to their full potential? Your “friend” apparently misses the time you were her disorganized, overweight, socially inept sidekick. Would anyone think it was appropriate to make those comments if you were taking thyroid medication? Insulin? If your friend is now feeling insecure because you have been able to improve your life, that’s a “them” problem. You might want to look for other friends.

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