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Audrey, 29 y.o.

Location: CA, United States

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Date: September 22, 2022

6 thoughts on “Audrey the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. It doesn’t take a lot of piecing together, you’ve painted a pretty clear picture of a guy who doesn’t want to settle down with any kind of commitment, and is a bit gaslighty if he acts like you bringing it up is weird.

    If this guy gets married, it won’t be out of love, it’ll be because something tragic happened in his life and he thought getting married would fix it – like his mom dies and he suddenly proposes or something like that.

    As written I’d put 90:10 odds that this guy won’t ever truly want an LTR.

  2. Reading your comments now, it’s clear that you’re upset most people are taking her side and choosing to now insult her. That reflects really poorly on you. Trust me, she’s not neurotic for specifically saying “I expect you to communicate with me regularly” and then not wanting to hang out after you fail to do so. Don’t start insulting her because she chose to move on already. You’re a 42 year old man, behave appropriately.

  3. You sound exhausting tbh.

    Are my feelings valid or I’m overthinking and need to relax?

    Feelings are always valid, doesnt mean they are logical or something you need to act on. You can feel jealous about him following other girls, but imo thats not really something you should act on and definitely not a redflag by itself.

    I’ve been talking to this guy, he seems to be super sweet, we hung out last weekend

    be one of those 30+ year old men whres who are afraid of commitment and will fck anything that walks.

    I’m also almost 29 and don’t want to waste too much time with the wrong person, I want to get married soon LOL

    Chill out, you barely know each other, dont need to think about marriage after a few weeks. You seem more like one of the women who just jumps on the first guy willing to marry them just to be married than he seems to be in fear of commitment really.

    As sweet and “shy” as he seems to be with me, and talks to me every day, he brought up us hanging out again, but hasn’t actually asked me with an actual day. So I feel like I’m just here wondering what his deal is.

    Im wondering whats your deal is, you want to hang out with him, ask him yourself??? You are a grown woman, put on your big girl panties, if you want to date this guy you can also initiate contact.

  4. Imma wait 2-3 more meetups cause if theres no attraction why would you want to be with this person am i right?

  5. The information here about your boyfriend suggests he sucks.

    I second this, the information says he sucks

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