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  1. Out of the box: show up at their house with a cake that says “I’m gay,” and when they let you in, light up some candles and say “I’ll do the honors.”

    Better be a good fucking cake though.

  2. Thank you for comprehensive response and an insight to my character regarding my weaknesses towards her. I have given her plenty of opportunities to improve and aim towards something better. The crowd she surrounds herself with is alike, all like a drink and a party and she doesn't want to give them up.

    I have plenty of faults of my own and I am sure I could have done better in many instances however the affair changed me and I have learned from previous mistakes. Being on the inside is sometimes difficult to see where you are especially when someone you are with is normalising all those behaviours as nothing, it's all just fine, and eventually your reference point is dissapires.

    Thanks again

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