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5 thoughts on “Bad_Slut_Teacherlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. the titbit in your edit:

    – that he didn't just wait in the brothel waiting room (what? lol) – but he waited in the very same room his mate booked out to bang the sexworker in – is messed up.

    He had a threesome with the sexworker and his mate, or he had his own partner to occupy him whilst his mate was also occupied. That is why he had to pay up the $$$.

    Even him going to “casually hang out” in the bedroom whilst his mate fucked someone else – would be beyond cheating in anyone book. No rational human who values their monagomous marriage, just goes and “innocently naps” beside his mate whilst his mate bangs on.

    This story is so beyond suss op. It sounds unbelievable – because it is unbelievable.

    So sorry you are being treated like this op. You dont deserve it.

  2. I had a bf (now ex) like that so I recognize the behavior. What he's doing is slowly chipping away at your self esteem so you'll constantly second-guess yourself and will defer to his judgment. It's insidious because it starts small. If you stay with him you will lose all sense of yourself at some point. Which is the goal. Guys like him have a constant need to be in control and that control includes you.

    You might think “this is too small to leave him over” but it's not this one thing, it's all the times he picked away at you, it's the whole picture.

    You deserve better than a guy who tries to make you out to be selfish and vain when you're doing something nice for others.

  3. If he makes 4x income he Should pay 4x rent/mortgage. Sounds like you got a raw deal and it’s getting worse

  4. Just like a dense academic article might sound like nonsense to someone who isn't formally educated, your wife's questions sound pointless to you because she is more emotionally intelligent than you. Nothing wrong with that, men and women are just raised in ways that encourage different types of thinking. You might not see the point of her questions, but there is one.

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