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  1. Thank you, I think that’s the healthiest thing to do and honestly the closest to what I’ve been saying to him so far. I’ve told him that it isn’t him because she doesn’t know him it’s the idea of him. After my Dad passed my Mum has gotten increasingly more irrational and she keeps blaming it on old age that she can’t put up with stupid people anymore because this has been the worst case of it…

  2. Do. From a legal standpoint, if anything was to ever come of it – if the first thing anyone hears from you about it is you making denials on her fake accusations, that can be seen as a red flag. Whereas if you've been telling people you trust right from the start, it is far more reassuring. I assume this is your parents' neighbour? Definitely tell them, get advice on whether they think talking to the girl's parents would be worth it, but in any event, make sure they know what's going on and how uncomfortable you are.

  3. Edit: so I took your advice and just decided to chill out about the whole thing but now My gf has told me that they’re FaceTiming and the weird feeling is coming back. Is this weird? Or am I overthinking again?

  4. Girl autistic or not this is an actual grimey ass man. He sounds like the human version of Shrek…pls leave him and find somebody that knows basic hygiene.

  5. This behavior is beyond absurd, it’s outright disrespectful. You set a clear boundary that you don’t want her in bed with him (which already should have been a given without you having to say ANYTHING, for the record) and he stomped all over it. He then turned around and told you that it’s just impossible to set boundaries with that girl, so he’s not even going to bother to try.

    Here’s the thing though, is it takes two of them to get in the bed together, even if she won’t listen and she crawls into bed with him, he has options — first, just don’t be in a position where she has any access to the bed (I.e. hang out in public places and don’t invite her to the apt., it’s actually super easy), or second, if he’s still going to invite her to the apartment, don’t get into bed (he can take his nap on the couch if he needs one, or he can send her home before he naps. I mean, hell, worst case scenario he just gets out of the bed if she gets in it with him.)

    If he’s going to be with you, he needs to respect your boundaries. Period. And while I personally would probably just tell him it’s her or me, ultimatums aren’t really the most healthy in the relationship. At the very least, the next time she’s offered an Uber, she’s still not staying over. She doesn’t have to take the ride, but she’s definitely not staying here, and if I EVER caught them in bed together again, even if they claim they’re just napping, I would be DONE.

    All I’m saying, is if you do talk it out with him, draw your line in the sand and stick to it. No amount of love is worth this kind of disrespect, and lack of loyalty/trust. You’re awesome, my dear, and you deserve the world! I hope you don’t let this guy keep treating you so poorly. You’re still so young, and you have so much time to find someone who will treat you exactly like the queen you are.

  6. Well then he doesn’t, because they’re a part of her and so is the psychological reasoning behind her wanting them. If he only likes her to look and behave the way he wants her to look and behave, he doesn’t actually like her.

  7. Did you just call my parents nutts because my dad has psychosis and my mum austism/adhd? And then said because of these difficulties I shouldn't celebrate my wedding with them? And called them nuts?

    If my fiance heard someone say this even he would be offended.

  8. You really need therapy to understand why you are attracted to this type of person. I think with time and effort you can unlearn bad habits and move forward to find a healthy relationship with a wonderful partner.

    Going to couples' therapy with your (hopefully soon to be ex) girlfriend is like losing your retirement in a bad investment scheme and then dumping whatever's left in your checking account in the same bad fund.

  9. My bf used to get irritated that I didn't always honk my horn at people acting idiots on the road because “How will they learn?” Like me honking my horn was going to make someone magically stop being an asshole.

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