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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. Nothing as far as your sister is concerned.

    As for your Dad. You need to be firm and assertive. Tell him you will have no part of this. He made his bed. And as an adult man, only he can make it right.


    Fuck rocking the boat. He had no problem burning the bridge with your sister. Now, he is causing the bridges with the rest of the family to crumble.

    Your only choice is to not allow him to do this to you. As for everyone. They need to grow their own spines.

    He was 82 when HE disowned your sister. HE made the choice at an age where time is a sparse gift. But all of a sudden a baby is coming and he changes his mind. He holds no remorse for his behavior. His intentions are completely selfish. And he needs to be told that. Age and death doesn't change horrible behavior.

  2. I might get downvoted for this one, but your husband need some freaking self-discipline. Wanna get up early? Wanna get up at AM 500? Put your alarm to AM 500. Alarm goes off. Open eyes, swing out legs from bed, stand up, start walking. That's it! No need to think. You are up and don't need 50 different alarm settings.

  3. You need to end it. You can't have a relationship with a hoarder. She needs professional help as do her parents. Until they admit they have a problem and need help, it will never stop. End it and move on.

  4. “Hey, so this is what I need from my partner to be happy in a relationship and committed to it continuing. I am flexible on the details, and I don't expect XYZ every day, but I need to feel like I am being heard and see effort on your part.”

    Then communicate what you need and be very clear that this is a need, not a want.

    If she says “fuck off” or you see no effort, then enforce the boundary … assuming you feel strongly enough about this need to communicate that one exists.

    Feeling neglected and unloved will poison your relationship and make you bitter in the long run, so get this resolved (one way or the other) now. Once you have clearly

  5. It sounds like you both were being a bit immature and hurt each other's feelings. What you actually need is to take some time to apologize to each other for blowing things out of proportion. Also consider some sort of counseling, because if you don't find a healthier way to resolve issues this very young family will not last. Learning to communicate without ultimatum or running away is incredibly important.

  6. OK-you're in a dorm. I'd give her an ultimatum: you take care of the cat or I report you to housing and re-home the cat. You can still give the above. i would tell her that if she doesn't like confrontation, take care of stuff.

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