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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. I don’t agree that because his feelings were hurt, she has to back down. She should back back down because his feelings were hurt by her going over a reasonable boundary. Some people get their feefee hurt because their SO talks to a colleague of the opposite sex, or doesn’t cater to their every needs. Getting one’s feelings hurt is the main reasoning behind abuse. The boundary has to be reasonable. In this case, and on the way it was verbalized, I think it is.

  2. Ok but how often men leave? Maybe 99% women stay while 80% of men stay. It’s still majority state with partner vs 20% men stay.

  3. Please don't default to her getting the kids. If she's verbally abusive to you she will be to them to. Your responsibility is to your kids and yourself. She can get a job. Document whatever you can and please talk to a lawyer.

    Just out of curiosity how long have you guys been together? My math says at least 4 years?

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