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  1. I'm proud of you! There is nothing wrong with your height. Just grow up to be a good man. Someone will love you, for being you.?

  2. So anyone under 25 is absolved of asshole behavior. Got it.

    Man, I should not have broken up with my boyfriend back then. He was just not fully mature yet, so cheating was dumb, but doesn't make him bad :c

  3. i believe you that you love him, but someone who loves you back would not do that to you.

    he intentionally hit you very hot enough to break skin. then tried to convince you it was your fault. he can't even see that he was wrong. it will keep getting worse.

    you say you live with his parents, do you trust them? they may be able to help you get away or get him away from you long enough to get back on your feet. do you have any friends who you could stay with even for a little? look up women's shelters in your area

    you do not deserve to be abused. he is abusive. he will hit you again and it will probably be worse. please love your self enough to stop loving him

  4. This is abuse. Listen to everyone screaming this from a woman who had to learn the naked way that i should have listened to the others who were screaming at me that my relationship was abusive.

    This is the type that will coerce you into motherhood to trap you and keep you down. You need to RUN.

  5. Hey man. Firstly: I'm sorry for your loss. I was together with my ex for almost six years when we had to end it. That said: I know exactly how you feel.

    Here's first aid advice for you:

    Try to not be alone. Meet friends, engage in activities, search for a new hobby that you might like.

    Do sports! This might be the most important one for several reasons. It boosts your self-esteem and your body releases dopamine and serotonine which WILL make you feel better, sleep better and distract you from thinking about her.

    Meditate! It will definitely calm you down. Go to YouTube and search for guided meditations. They will sure as hell help you!

    Put the stuff in a box that reminds you off her and put that box in the cellar, where you don't see it and won't be reminded.

    Again: DON'T be alone. Meet friends!

    Don't let the thoughts win. As soon as you think of her: just let the thoughts go away again like a cloud in the wind.

    It WILL get better over time, trust me. And if you think you won't find someone like her: wrong. You will. You definitely will. There are so many great people out there. Someone will come and they will blow your mind.

    Stay strong and do all of the above. Trust me, it will help you like it helped me. All the best!!!

  6. Just limit your exposure to her and try to cool things off. You obviously can never date her even if they break up. So just don't let anything happen between you.

  7. She has already shown you she can’t be trusted. How many more times does she have to show you? She knows this is a dealbreaker for you, but she doesn’t care, because she still keeps in touch with them.

    Stand by your word. Be sure to unfollow and block her on Instagram.

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