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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Honestly this sounds like a bullshit excuse your partner has used because they wanted to do that. And you fell victim. This must suck so much and if you can't get over it now, just move on. No point torturing yourself being in this relationship.

    While yes, there were no rules for your partner to break, it seems suspicious that they would so willingly sleep with other people.

  2. Also, I'd like to add that you may want to reevaluate a long term relationship with someone who only allows for one mistake/miscommunication before refusing to trust you ever again. That's a red flag in my opinion. You worded it badly, sure, doesn't mean you shouldn't be believed when you explain yourself.

  3. Why is he still your boyfriend? This man has unapologetically assaulted you while you were unconscious and vulnerable. This is very disturbing behaviour, despite how lightly here's taking it, you could report him to the police for this.

    You need to get far away from him immediately. This is control, conditioning, and abuse. It will only go downhill from here.

  4. OP, I am so sorry for your loss. Both of them (your daughter & the end of your relationship). This must be a very difficult time for you.

    Unfortunately, the only person who can give you answers here is your ex, but that isn't going to happen. As much as we all would like to get closure, it doesn't mean that we will get it. Somehow, you need to find comfort without getting answers to these questions.

    But why send it back?

    does he want to hear from me or is he saying he's done.

    what response/reaction is he expecting?

    Because he doesn't want it anymore and he doesn't want you to think that he still has it. Perhaps because he doesn't want you to interpret that as you still have a chance, perhaps he is being petty. I don't know. But whatever his motivation is, he wants you to know that he doesn't have it.

    I don't think he wants you to do anything. You reaction can be whatever you want, but I don't think this is something that needs to be responded to. To me, this is a pretty clear message. The relationship is over, and he doesn't want any reminders. Don't reach out & try to initiate contact.

  5. Therapy is something that is mocked here in where I live!. It's expensive and if you talk about this things with the people I thought would help me, they would tell me I'm being too dramatic, even my parents and grandparents told me I had to deal with this things alone.

  6. All of those are symptoms of an immuno deficiency disease. I have a few clients that have lupus or others like that so I’m so sorry you have to go through that.

  7. I want to believe his reasoning But at the same time feels like something’s still off. It was his behavior that made you question infidelity! Id investigate deeper but If you believe him then I’d let it go.

  8. This sub blows my mind. OP has given 5 sentences of context. Please stick to the details provided and leave the fiction section at the library.

  9. Just listen! She may have been through other losses, but sometimes it just hits different. I know that when I lost my grandfather there was nothing anyone could do to help with the grief (even in person), but I appreciated when someone would listen to me. Sometimes I would talk about him, other times I would talk about other things, sometimes I wouldn't speak at all. But knowing that someone was there was all I needed. There is also the chance that she is now thinking of what it would be like if she suddenly lost you/someone else in her family/friends. I wish you the best of luck.

  10. You can't control her, don't sweat her comment

    His hiding should be the focus for you.

    ” yes dear, I know she is like this, but why are you afraid for me to see”

  11. Lol, you bought a house with her? Knowing she was a cheater who is into another guy?

    What's wrong with you man.

    This is going to be a nude lesson but you should try and learn something from it.

  12. You are in such a niche field you need to date within your circle.

    And as a side note, I’m over here crying laying next to my 5 year old, thankful for people like you. Your worth is tremendous and you’ll find an upstanding man. Take your free time to spoil and be kind to yourself right now

  13. maybe you should do the same thing to him, lets see how he feels about it or time to find a better man

  14. Being bi doesn’t give you a free pass and you’re not entitled to any specific sexual experience. I’ve never had a threesome with two hard goths but that doesn’t mean that I get to have one. If you want to have sex with a man, no one is stopping you from ending your relationship with your fiancée and downloading Grindr.

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