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  1. Yeah. Unfortunately she gave me fairly specific details, including the guys first name and how she knew him. I just really wish she never told me this. I don’t understand why she did. This is going to be a tough one to get over.

  2. And some Christian sects are accepting of other's beliefs.

    Accept that the other person believes it. Not accept that it's real.

    There's a difference. I'm talking about different religions accepting the other one as legitimate in reality.

    What's the point of your statement then other than to be so vaguely broad that you can put your goalposts where ever you like?

    I'm being pretty damn specific. I listed religions, I stated the point. You're the one expanding it to mean things I didn't say.

    You're the one shifting goal posts around while I keep restating the original point. I havent deviated at all. Sorry you couldn't take the time to read and understand the original. Just because you didn't understand doesn't mean it's changed.

  3. How would you feel if she had nudes of men stashed on her phone? People fail to put the shoe on the other foot many times and if it becomes reality, it’s a problem most of the time. If it’s a true addiction, don’t partake in it. Don’t feed addictions, it isn’t healthy. I believe it’s a form of disrespect to have a porn stash if your partner isn’t down with it. Talk with her about how she feels and why she feels the way she does so you can find a middle ground that will work for you both.

  4. My wife and I met young also. 17 years ago. I wish you all the luck. Keep empathetic and you will be fine. There is nothing to fight about when you don't on-line together and see each other so little. Your brain fills in what it thinks the rest will be.

  5. Had some experiences with men before who were only interested in soccer and cars – boring! Absolutely nothing for me.

    So it's okay for you to say that but not for me (as a man) to say the same thing? 😀 And you dare call me sexist?

  6. Not sure if taking a side will resolve anything. The question is do you want the relationship to continue? If so, arguing is unproductive, but maybe professional intervention can help.

    And if you don't want the relationship to continue, why bother fighting over who's right?

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