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Date: September 26, 2022

14 thoughts on “BrainyTexturelive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. I like having my sister and spending time with her. That’s why i keep going back. And when i leave her alone, she comes back to me. And she acts like a new person and then it starts over again.

  2. Opposite sex platonic friendships can certainly work. But that you have no idea if he’s aware you exist is a problem. Talk to her!

  3. You know what, Imma try that. I’ve always been respectful to include her when I go out with other women or tell her I am not even remotely interested when she asks me do you find her cute. I think it’s time for her to know how it feels!

  4. You are way overthinking it. You should go since you already know these people and will probably enjoy yourself. You may be at the top of the list because you will bring something special to the event.

    If you want, you could ask Joe if he's going. If yes, definitely go. If no, you could still go, but no need to.

    Dating apps are for people who aren't meeting enough people through regular channels. You met all these people and that's just great.

  5. It sounds like he did try talking to her and expressing how this has affected him, but she's having none of it.

    1) She's set one rule for him and another for herself. 2) her denying her hypocrisy is more important than her husband's mental health. And 3) you can only save a relationship with someone who is willing to be honest, open, listen , and compromise.

  6. What the hell is it with people just leaving their bra and underwear in cars??? I didn’t think that happened in real life??? You came with them on and then decided to leave a freer woman or what??? I don’t understand.

  7. Leave him now and never look back. He has shown that he not only respects you and your choices for YOUR BODY but he also doesn't respect boundaries. He had no right to cut your hair and especially had no right to do it in a way to force you to do what he wants. To me, this is beyond hair and says so much about his lack of respect for you.

    There is no way to move forward with someone like him. Move on before he forces more of his choices on you.

  8. I am not following at all. It sounds like you believe he cheated but you haven’t necessarily found him cheating just lying, correct? I would confront him and ask him directly. Considering you are abroad, is he with you and do you feel comfortable enough to do it with him there? Your safety is priority.

  9. Don't do anything except move on with your life. This girl came out of the blue and wants to stake a claim to your late BF's ashes? She sounds like a stalker to me. You don't even know if she really was dating him or anything else about her. She has no rights to his ashes or any other part of him. She is nothing to you, and that's how you should treat her. She certainly has a lot of nerve contacting you at all, much less making demands of you.

    Keep her blocked and have no contact with her. If she comes to your home, call the police and report her as a trespasser. Do not open the door for her. Do not engage with her in any way. If she continues to try to talk to you, consider getting a no contact order against her.

    You have enough on your plate grieving your late BF without having to deal with this girl, too. Please see a grief counselor to help you process and deal with this suicide. It is very very hot to recover from that. And, forgot about this so-called other woman.

  10. My man, he already made his point by laying the guy out. That is the prelude to the arm-breaking. Lay him out, and then explain the situation. That's still an inappropriate escalation – because when someone is a victim of abuse, adding violence to the situation can re-trigger them and make them fear you – but it's nowhere near the escalation of intentionally breaking the arm of a guy who is already on the ground.

    There is no world in which that is an appropriate thing to do. Professional fighters that exhibit the discipline you are talking about, the discipline to channel emotions into actions, also understand that you don't just do this to people.

  11. Why oh why do children get married??

    Why aren’t you working? Get a job and use the money to pay for a cleaning lady. Or better yet, a divorce lawyer.

  12. I genuinely appreciate this kind response. Everything has happened so quickly and it genuinely feels like my heart has been torn out. I sit and hope she will eventually just tell me how I could fix it so I can. My wife has been an extraordinary partner our entire marriage, so part of me feels like she should tell me. The other part knows that if she had any hope at all for our relationship she would be fighting for it. Thank you again.

  13. All of those lines are easily rebuffed.

    “I'm not poly” or “I need to meet her before I engage in this relationship”

    “Not my problem”

    “Then divorce her”

    “I'll wait for the divorce”

    “Cool, enjoy the money, bye”

    “Not my problem”

    “Then divorce her”

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