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Date: September 30, 2022

16 thoughts on “Bryyannas live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. If this is happening a MONTH in, you cut all contact and walk away unless you want to end up in another abuse cycle.

  2. So he’s one of these “Christians” who picks and chooses what parts of the fairy story he believes in.

    Aren’t you living in sin because you’re not married?

    Aren’t you vile fornicators because you’re having a child out of wedlock?

    Ask him how he reconciles your situation with his “religiousness”? Or is hypocrisy ok so long as his needs are being met?

  3. I explained that some people find that kind of communication really frustrating and why that is. Y'all have taken that personally for some reason. I get why you need people to manage your emotions because you're not doing a great job of it here. Truly, I'm almost impressed.

  4. OP, you are at home not wanting to go out. Your wife is out, not wanting to go home. This is not a recipe for a lasting marriage.

    Maybe you could suggest a trial separation? Just to see if that feels better than the current arrangement?

  5. It is a direct answer to the question in the title and the most important question.

    She's going to be around men her own age, her whole life, that she has more in common with. They are people that she'll share more experiences with because of being in similar places in life.

    She's already revealed herself as a cheater. Now all she needs is time, proximity, and the “connection” to let it happen again.

    The age gap just amplifies it all by a million.

  6. It’s weird tho usually guys chase me and he just didn’t I guess I wanted to try to win then this happened and I was like okay he’s a bad person

  7. WIFE according to him, the caps lock makes it even more frightening, calm down sicko you’re making it worse for everyone

  8. I on-line in my mother's basement and I have no friends. But theoretically I would tread lightly and say something about how it's been a while and you miss her. Keeping in mind that you don't want to come across as a “nice guy”. Best of luck over and out?

  9. Sorry to hear this dude, the relationship is over. This must be a very tough time for you

  10. This is a “rip off the bandaid” situation. Don't talk about it, don't explain your reasoning to her. Tell her it's over and it's not negotiable. If its her space, just pack up and leave after that. If its your space, pack her up and send her to her parents. Discussing any kind of reasons why is the exact wrong thing to do, it will only make it seem like she can argue with your feelings.

  11. Ditch him and move along. Do you seriously belive that crap???? He's lying to your face and God knows what he does behind your back. Have some respect and self esteem. Leave him

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