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  1. yeah, you’re completely right. all of the anger i had channeled growing up has now transferred onto him. he’s completely innocent in this situation, and i was just using him as the fault for my own insecurities. as soon as he gets back from his trip, i’ll definitely be open about my feelings.

    as for my parents, they still very much enforce their conservative rules upon me and my siblings. bringing up this relationship to them will probably cause them to faint, lol. but i do really want to take our relationship seriously, and one way or another they will find out about him – so i should stop pussying out and just be open about that to.

    thank you so much for your reply, you’ve helped out a lot. :)))

  2. My oldest is almost 3 years old and my youngest is 4 months old so their age gap is about 2.5 years. But you’re right, babies bring a lot of stress. I feel like we handled the first baby better tbh

  3. Not trying to come across as passive. Being honest I didn’t realise how starved for affection I was until I did it. Up until the kiss, she’s honestly been the pushy one. I don’t want to dox myself with details. But if you wanted to be overly touchy it’s very simple in our job.

    I was going to tell her it’s too far now and we’ve got to stop. Then, without trying to be passive, I saw that look in her eyes and I decided to kiss her. 100% that was on me. It’s nice to feel wanted for once. I realise that’s a shitty excuse but there it is.

  4. Thank you, you gave me a fresh perspective on this. I’ve been getting so mad when he says one thing and does another, I’ve been losing sight of the real issue and how I can help

  5. Thank you for your time, this was helpful & will help me move on, since a lot of things you mentioned I never saw coming.

    Edit: English isn't my first language.

  6. But what more do you want her to do? I mean this very genuinely.

    She’s told you this is as good as it gets right now. You want her to want sex more and want you more. But people can’t just decide to have a higher libido. So…knowing that, what solution would you be asking her to come up with? It sounds like the only option available to her is to fake desire more convincingly and I don’t think that’s actually what you want.

    It’s not that you’re a bad husband or anything. It’s just that she has five people every single day wanting her physical body and affectionate touch, and she’s doing her best to keep everyone happy. Ultimately, the thing you’re asking her to do is to desire you. She would if she could! She loves you. She shows that every day. But literally, actually, what do you want her to do?

  7. That's completely fair! Sorry for my lack of information. Prior to this job, I had gone to a trade school for a similar job in the same industry but ended up diverting from that. Before that, I worked in manufacturing for 11 months and left without another job lined up, so I have had a history of doing so. I will say that I had left the manufacturing position due to terrible management and quit on the same day, which was the only job where I left without notice.

  8. Sad part is it was him leaving her. She will find his replacement at some point in the future.

    You don't need to break up immediately, but you should make moves that will put you in position where it is possible to do without it ending in disaster. Is there an option for your mental condition to improve (trying out different meds and stuff)?

  9. Nah. He hasn’t just betrayed you once. He had betrayed you over and over. It won’t stop. You deserve a happy life, a loyal companion, and if you choose to have kids, a faithful co-parent. He is none of those things. Sorry.

  10. Not really. My mom is in her 70s and her only income is the small amount she gets from Social Security. And I've never been great at making friends so..yeah.

  11. Right? Only reason I stayed with a friend for a day is because she offered just in case I was miserable that first stretch

  12. Take a moment to read the OP one more time. You might get surprised to see how it says both “go fuck her self and to fuck off” which is a clear sign of me not proofreading before creating my post.

    Gaslighting would be if I changed it to something else like I called her a cow and call you crazy for even thinking j would tell my partner to fuck off or go fuck her self it's clearly a mistake by me to not proofread before posting. But it's not gaslighting

    Would you say you been assaulted if someone accidentally stepped on your toes? Kinda the same thing.

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