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Date: October 1, 2022

16 thoughts on “BUTTERSCOTCHBunni live sex cams for YOU!

  1. You're right I should have never even entertained meeting up with this person. If she wasn't a hard Ginger I wouldn't have done it. I had never been with a redhead but was always extremely attracted to them. Maybe because of my Scottish Heritage.

  2. I give it out because men are scary and pushy. My account it not private and I decent following. However, if you want to dm me, it will go in a separate folder where the sender can not see that I read it and I never respond and will usually block. I also tell my bf when these things happen, we read the messages together and have a good laugh.

  3. I would also argue that the way he presents himself at company fonctions is very important. if he shows up looking like the bottom of a homeless mans basket it will not reflect well on his bosses and future promotions.

  4. exactly, if it was just sex it would be one thing but the whole affair aspect is what's getting to me. It feels like a much higher level of betrayal, and it's nude for me to trust people to begin with. I feel like that's part of why I want to make it work, because it's hard for me to open up to people and I've already invested this much. Thanks for your honesty, I appreciate it

  5. Yeahhhhh that was a SPECIFIC detailed fantasy.

    You described simple general fantasy, which is fantasies you’ve had probably before she ever came in the picture. Which is normal.


    Dude, Op, she only had this fantasy after she met you. And it’s strictly about everyone in the friend group.

    I’m telling you right now… unless she’s secretly a swinging and going to swinger sex clubs… this is her telling you she wants to be devoured by everyone in the group sexually ON PURPOSE!

    Wake up! Our body communicates with us about things that we need to pay attention to. It sends signals and alerts through feels in our body. When we have a gut reaction our body is telling us something in the moment. Listen to your body from now on and trust why your body is telling you things.

    The reason you had that reaction is because you’re unconscious mind became alert sending a reaction in a physical feeling in your body. Your brain registered lighting fast the info and is throwing up a MAJOR RED FLAG TO YOU!

  6. False. She’s showing most of the signs looked for. She’s devaluing her partner. She’s not empathetic. She’s doing selfish actions. She’s processing this event only on how it affects her.

    I did not imply NPD, which is a Personality Disorder. I said she is showing narcissistic traits – and that’s EXACTLY what she’s showing.

  7. Next time she sends you a text about what she ate, ask her if it tasted as good as the stripper's dick. It's pathetic that she's trying to position giving and getting head as “not cheating.”

  8. One of the hardest things when you are a young adult and your parents are divorcing is to not get involved. I had to learn that the naked way too.

    You gotta remember, nothing that has happened was because of anything you did. These problems are caused by their choices.

    your mom chose to not talk about how you were conceived. your dad made choices based off the information of your paternity and laid out new boundaries that your mom has chosen to not accept. your mom is choosing to ignore her responsibilities and is choosing to lay in bed and cry.

    No matter what you do or say, your parents are going to make choices that you can’t control.

    All you have power over is your own choices.

    Personally, if you have the means I would suggest looking into a counselor that you can unpack this all with. In addition to the sudden shift in family relationships, you now have a big mystery about yourself that is going ignored. That is naked for anyone to have to deal with.

    Rather than going in circles trying to find ways to fix a problem you didn’t make, look at how you can empower yourself so you can have healthy relationships with your family.

    I wish you the best op.

  9. Oh that's definitely a degree that makes no money at the bachelor level but significant money at the graduate level.

  10. The more of this I read, the more I think you should just break up. You really don't trust her to do right.

  11. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb. You can allow known numbers to reach you. File a police report and get a restraining order. Keep your self safe.

  12. In non marital relationships the only thing that being “official” means is that you're agreeing to not date other people. So maybe just tell her you're not seeing anyone else and you wonder if she'd like to stop dating others and be exclusive to you. In any relationship the terms and expectations have to be negotiated up front. So in making it clear like this you'll be avoiding misunderstandings later.

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