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Date: October 2, 2022

18 thoughts on “Camilaadams live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. If you need to change a job for your partner to value you more, you have a crappy partner. Why would anyone put up with this? It's actually not normal.

  2. Woah…….red flag. You either leave or stay. If you stay, don’t come on here complaining about him later. Ignore that major red flag if you want to.

  3. TBH I was surprised the story didn’t end in him forcing himself on her when she was half asleep………..

    It’s okay if you’ve given your partner permission to wake you up specifically for sex but them saying no once…….. that’s when you cuddle them back to sleep and leave it alone. Not ask them another 5 times. A yes after asking more than once is still a no.

  4. My friend, I say this with all the kindness and care in the world and I want to see you do well, are you with your partner or parenting a rebellious child?

  5. Holy shit – she sounds immature, childish, irrational, entitled and reckless with serious anger management problems..The laptop is the least of your worries. ???

  6. You tell them you have broken up after you caught him cheating.

    Your close circle who you trust, your family/ those who turn to for support, I would not feel the need to hold back about WHO he cheated on you with unless you feel it would endanger his life.

    His family, I would feel no shame in telling because you know they are going to ask for your side of the story.

    Coworkers, I would just tell them you caught him cheating, unless you have a compelling reason otherwise.

    All the best, this is a mess he created, don't feel ashamed, you can't control his actions, all you can control is what you do now. Which should be untangling yourself from him completely as quickly as possible so you can heal and move on.

  7. I don't know what your goal is here. Let me put 2 and 2 together ok, being a bit of an asshole is not a symptom which comes to mind when thinking of anxiety.

    It's not unusual to take meds with medical supervision only, for years. It's odd that it's so unthinkable that therapy spots in large cities post-pandemic are very hard to come by, especially in a country with free healthcare. But I took the other comments to heart and will seek counseling with him. Or what is your point?

  8. Even in the video when I realized what was going on, I tell him I don’t want to be recorded.

    He's gaslighting you.

    Him uploading it is a moot point. You didn't consent to him recording you. You literally have yourself on film telling him don't want to be recorded. He ignored you. Whether or not he deliberately uploaded the video (which he mostly likely did), he's responsible for filming you without consent and losing control of the fucking video.

    Like hey! I'm just going to record you while you tell me no, and whoops! I accidentally uploaded it to my affluental social media page!

  9. I was in a relationship like that and leaving is the best decision I have taken. I am happier alone.

    Remember you can’t make someone love you but that is okay

  10. Well ya cause even if you put on your invitations that you don’t want gifts some people most likely will still show up with gifts. If it was a loved one I personally would probably still have a gift for them because I love them and want to celebrate their love with them but my gifts are usually try to be more personally to the couple rather then like money or something for the home. Like a got a heart shaped water fountain for my friends wedding years ago cause it to me fit the couple. But for you and your fiancée since you don’t like gifts I would probably just give you a card or maybe something homemade for your home that you might appreciate.

    Not wanting gifts isn’t a bad thing but I also think since it is both of your wedding this is a two person decision so I would suggest maybe asking her if it would be ok to put on the invite saying something alongside the lines of “ your presence for our wedding day is a gift all on its own so gifts are not required but accepted if you truly feel led to give us a gift” that way your letting people know that a gift isn’t required but your also not threatening them to be kicked out for getting you a gift.

    Then maybe if you do get gifts you can either keep them if they are useful or donate them to a women’s shelter or a domestic violence shelter or food.

  11. we have discussed it, he always says “I don’t know when she’s moving out” or “i’m not kicking her out” I never know how to respond, I usually say things along the lines of I understand and I know, but the conversation usually ends after that.

  12. What things specifically?? If you don’t mind me asking. Honestly I just feel so inexperienced being with someone that isn’t constantly initiating

  13. Honey you’re still very young and men will say this and still break ur heart. Idk why this is such a big deal to u but you must’ve been in some bad relationships or never had unconditional love. Good luck!

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