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Date: September 26, 2022

8 thoughts on “Camilaagomezz on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Oh it's been communicated. But like I said its very much he'll call me pushy or forceful. But I cook, clean, wash his clothes, drive him everywhere. But if I want anything in return he'll huff and puff about the effort involved. Last week I was ill and he avoided looking after me at all. It was so depressing

  2. Except i have thats why i know the whole babying technique doesnt work it enables it. I have empathy but not for those who dont want to get better

  3. There's no coming back from this

    There is tho. It has happened, or are you saying what's happened in the past cannot happen again.

  4. Lol what a loser. What you do is divorce this apparently dickless man. Find someone who appreciates you for who you are, for your skills, for what you do for your family. Your life partner should be proud of you, not call you a lesbian because he's insecure due to his own incompetence and laziness.

  5. Hey- there is nothing good that will ever develop from this relationship. It’s already shitty and all the baggage and toxicity and resentment will only make it worse over time. Don’t involve a small child in this shit show- 3 is such a vulnerable age. Like effing run. Run far away. Being alone is better that wrapping yourself up in this disaster. Get out while you can, before she gets pregnant with your kid and you’re stuck with all of this. There’s a woman out there that will think you are perfect for her, that will think your genitals are a great size, that will enjoy intimacy with you. But also will care about you and build a happy family with you. That can be in your future if you walk away from this situation now.

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