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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Consider- opposed to surprising her- just take the opportunity to ask her to shop with you? If you have the budget, maybe take her shopping to pick up a dress and some lingerie which will be worn on a date afterwards (and taken off later if the occasion so arises).

    This approach eliminates the chance she may not appreciate the gesture because she could just decline, but maybe she’ll be excited to explore options with you. This also eliminates the chance of you buying something she doesn’t deem as flattering on her. She can look for something she likes while you reinforce the appreciation by being her hype man in a dressing room. This could even be done by browsing live together, whatever would work for the both of you.

    Not every person is the same, but I love when my man buys me clothes and it’s usually something I’ve shown him first. I find wearing what he bought me on a date romantic, and it’s flattering to see him appreciate me in it. I understand body struggles and you’ve started on the right foot to cheer your gf up, but see what she needs to feel confident before you make a decision.

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  3. You may want to add that then, because it sounds like you quit. Either way, you need to find a solution. I also had a tough pregnancy, I know how you feel and I know how frustrating and ridiculous it can be. The longer you are out of work though, the tougher it will be trying to play catch up with finances and adding a baby into the mix. Also, I’m pretty sure that firing your for a pregnancy related condition is way illegal

  4. Can you afford counselling on this topic? I am not sure how other way you can initiate this conversation in a healthy way

  5. Send a message that it’s over for good, let them know you’ll fire a restraining order if they contact you again or go to your place Block on all platforms but don’t delete the messages as proof of you wanting them not to contact you again and if they do try to make contact or go to your place, call the police

  6. So basically, he is your sugar daddy? And what are you looking for. I personally find that behavior appalling. You don't even have feelings for him. You just want the dates and money.

  7. The math here is great but the premise is flawed. Nobody just sits in a car in silence charging their phone. She more than likely had the radio on. If she turned on the ignition without turning on the car and had any combination of radio, fans, or lights on she absolutely could drain the battery in the time it would take to do an interview. I'd be curious to see how those numbers change if you factor in current being drawn from the radio and anything else that might be on.

  8. This is a tough one. In the nicest possible way, your actions will likely have affected him very hot and you need to acknowledge that. Did you harm yourself in front of him?

    I know you feel like you need support right now and that's understandable, but so does he. Maybe give him a little space. Don't try to force him to look after you, it'll only drive him away.

  9. You're never going to be told a reason that makes you feel like you understand the situation. The relationship is over and you need to focus on how you manage your children going forward. You need to work hard to keep them in the picture.

  10. Seems like you really want to save this marriage but that's separate from this incident and you're asking us to evaluate the entire situation when you've only provided a snippet of what bothers you.

    Why is your relationship on the rocks? How long has these issues been present? Are you and your wife in individual counseling? What if you aren't the problem and your wife doesn't want to get better?

    At some point, you have to stop trying to change people and either accept them or change the dynamic of the relationship.

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