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  1. Ask him how his new gf would feel if he turned around and forwarded her personal texts regarding details her past trauma/cheating and anything personal since they started dating to his entire friend group and filled them in on all the details…bet she balks at the idea. Might give them some perspective to think about though.

  2. I like dogs, I would never date someone who has five of them. Regardless of that, she's just taking advantage of you and I think you could find a better partner.

  3. Telling someone about your feelings is never impersonal, regardless of form. A hand written paper makes it more so.

    He should understand why you preferred the paper, and you can always invite him to talk to you about it of it is the initiation that makes you anxious.

  4. I don’t think you owe her the information. I’m married and don’t even know how many sexual partners my husband had before me, I really don’t feel like it’s relevant to our relationship and not anything I need detailed info on. If it were me, I wouldn’t care if my partner kept that information to themselves, it’s fairly personal and doesn’t impact me.

  5. Honestly it sounds like you're being taken advantage of. If you want a condiments he's saying no, that's a red flag. Even ignoring the lack of intimacy or aftercare.

    You went for 3 weeks with no talking and that's the only time he tried to kiss you or touch you first? He's doing the bare minimum just to keep you interested in him. Did he stop trying to kiss you first as soon as you both started talking again?

    What else is keeping you with him?

  6. Stop living on the edge, make a decision your 40 years old. Be an adult. Either go 100% as a bachelor with nothing to show for it or make a commitment to this woman and give 100% and create a fulfilling life with her and her child.

  7. He's prioritizing time with parents over time with a partner, which isn't typically what partners do. I think you needed to spend more time dating and getting to know him before making this huge move, not to mention you are pretty young to be tied down.

    I'd ask him why the change, and to explain his mindset. And I'd tell him how it makes me feel as far as being a couple is concerned.

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