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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. It wasn't her fault that she got picked to go up on stage. You cannot blame her for that. The real issue is how does a 28 year old woman act like a middle school girl over a boy band. Her obsession is extremely childish. If that band member knocked on your door and wanted to sleep with your “fiance” she would be in bed with him in a minute. I could never marry a woman who has such an unhealthy obsession over a celebrity. You should plaster your bedroom wall with posters of your country's most beautiful actress, singer or model, start a fan club for her, buy her gifts and devote a lot of time worshiping her. Let's see how your fiance handles it. You need a mature woman for a wife not a schoolgirl. Cancel your engagement.

  2. Doesn't add up. If it's a celebrity and not like a close personal relationship, why does it matter to her? Why hold the grudge? If she actually does feel a close personal relationship, then you are correct, and it is a parasocial relationship. She's backed herself into a corner here. If you love her and want to find a way out of it it's probably not going to be proving that you are right to her (even though you are). She likely just needs to feel heard and understood. Then maybe when things are cooler you can establish your boundaries to her.

  3. What's more disgusting is that OP knows she has worms (it is not clear the boyfriend did or should have) and is now exposing this friend. Almost all of what people are accusing the boyfriend of doing is what OP is actually describing herself doing.

  4. Just let it develop slowly – she is in a relationship and so are you.

    If you want to show something you need to clear out your own life first. It is not good if you have a boyfriend and at the same time you are thinking about your sexuality and if you want to see if you could have a future with her.

    Start by yourself and then see what could happen. If you are free you could suggest to her that you think you might be bi and see her reaction. Remember she might feel the age gap as an obstacle. Best of all.

  5. Many thanks :). Then that is a great indication of a strong relationship. It’s a mutual requirement which you guys thankfully have. No problem at all, keep it up and undoubtably it’ll be one of the great success stories to tell ur friends and children (if you plan to have Any) in the future.

  6. Well you’re still pretty young so you got time. Your tastes may change over time, but just ask yourself are you happy right now and where do you see this going in the future.

    But generally speaking, a negative or pessimistic mindset can grow to become toxic.

    You can’t really force someone to change. People change due to experiences and realisations. Are you really happy doing that?

  7. Yeah, it seems like you bend over backwards to be considerate of his needs and feelings and he totally doesn’t care about yours. I’m sorry—I don’t see how you can build a future with this guy.

  8. This is harsh, but it sounds like your two options are a) pick up yourself and go find the life you want or b) continue to wallow in the life you’ve got for the next 50 years and just always wonder what could have been different.

    The honest response is, look, this person relies on you and you need to leave, so you should try to do that in the kindest way possible. Maybe figure when your lease is up and pay the last few months on it and go get a new place for yourself. Give them time to get their feet under them, but you should know you shouldn’t be there for that.

  9. I take things personally and think everyone I have will get bored or leave me eventually. I've been thinking about it too and i will try to see one soon. Thank you for your advice. ❤️

  10. In healthy relationships no one cares if the other person looks at their phone

    As long as they arent looking at my Amazon account.. I could have potential presents in there ?

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