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  1. I think you need to walk back the engagement or at least have a very long one. As somebody who has fought anger issues my whole life try writing him letters. Its easier to process usually. Next time you have this argument, because you will, phrase it differently. “I know I am being insecure and anxious. I just need some reassurance.”

  2. Not here to comment on what you should or shouldn’t do. But in many states, a paternity test is required by the hospital. You may have to submit to one regardless. Clearly you don’t have trust in your relationship. Whether you get a paternity test or not really is not the issue.

  3. I’ve tried to kill myself while smoking. It’s questionable if it’s bad for me at this point to be honest and that’s what I’ve been (besides this whole girl thing) for the past couple months

  4. If he wants to stay in contact with her, he needs to tell her he's in a relationship. What he's doing isn't fair to you or her.

    If he thinks telling a friend about the existence of his SO is “cringe”, he's not mature enough to be in a relationship.

  5. Thank you so much ??❤ Yes. I was also confused why he posted it. When my family saw the post, they actually laughed and asked me who i cheated with. I answered “you have to ask him, i also don't know who i cheated with”.

  6. Actually the intensive crying only started more or less 3 weeks ago, after she told me about a date (and her new boyfriend). I felt super jealous first, and then the crying started. I'm just envious that I need so long to move on (and I kind of accepted it), while it was much easier for her I guess.

  7. I should also add we have been dealing with other issues related to his binge drinking . Numerous times hes gotten very drunk and I’ve had to clean up his piss on the toilet floor in my house. I also have to tell him to wash his hands with soap not just with water after going to the toilet. He’s just started seeing a therapist… but yeah I guess I’m feeling a bit fed up with a few things.

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