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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Update: in the last few sentences, I meant to say that I have no intentions of bringing my guy friend into my ROOM

  2. Yeah I mean I would break up with him, because I’m a stoner as I said so I wouldn’t be with someone if they didn’t like that. But it’s totally within reason for him to say “I don’t like weed and I don’t want to be with someone who partakes.” He gets to decide what he wants in a relationship. As does OP, and if smoking is that important to her, she should leave him. But he’s not trying to control her by telling her he’ll leave her if she smokes

  3. So, she choose to be with you with a risk for her to be CUT OFF from her own family. Then, her bf aka you is a JERK who chooses other people 'soulmate' rather than her, your own gf.

    That's the karma of leaving your own family.

    Two idiots!

  4. This… sometimes forcing them to do such a big request under the guise they do it bc they love you could be a cause for concern. I dealt with this issue and a good rule of thumb was to first have that serious conversation; not over text or call!! Face to face ask the important questions. Then, if they say they do want to marry you but not right now you can try to narrow it down by asking things like… “is it a financial problem?” “Is it a commitment problem?” “Do you not believe in marriage?” Because I was ready to kick my now fiance to the curb but I had forgot he comes from a broken home so marriage was a scary thing for him. He felt like once we got married we would start arguing and he would need to be there all the time no matter what. OP, try to gauge why your bf wont consider marriage… because sometimes its not always black and white/ they don’t like you or want to be with you. This is not to say that they do however… these are the nude questions and before you waste any more time I recommend having this hot chat sooner rather than later.

  5. She's not your soulmate. If soulmates are really a thing, yours isn't someone who would treat you this way. Get out, wish her well and hope she finds the help she needs — but know that isn't your responsibility.

  6. You’re insane.

    Obviously it happens but that’s a huge jump and such a sad life you must lead to automatically assume this man would do that. Must have very little faith in humanity which is sad in itself.

    That said- I don’t want articles of people poisoning their partners I understand it obviously happens but that’s a huge leap to assume that’s the normal behavior of people suffering anxiety.

  7. It's worth a shot. If being friends with them hurts you, it's okay to take a step back for a bit. Trying to maintain a friendship in the hopes that he MIGHT come back just isn't healthy.

    Take some time to focus on processing the break up. Worry about what comes after later.

  8. You know, if your dad didn’t show for your sister it looks bad on his and his wife’s part. You don’t need to navigate this, the adults aren’t being adults and if he chooses not to go, it’s his decision.

  9. You seem to be implying that “officer Morality” is an insult.

    Are you surprised that people are making moral comments on a relationship sub? Oh-kay.

    Stooping to personal insults rather than reasoned words in your reply to that commenter only reflects badly on you and it negated any point you had tried to make.

  10. Yes alcohol lowers inhibitions… y’all are hilarious. If I broke up with someone after every time they said something I didn’t like, a relationship would never last a few weeks. Man’s got a small dick. Who cares. Ask if it’s actually a concern then move on.

  11. He’s marrying his old fetish object and bringing in a new fetish object.

    This isn’t him getting excited because you have cute feet this is… girl this isn’t good

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