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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. “she said she doesn’t want a boyfriend to come. She just wants time with my sister and I. She said the stress of another person is too much right now and just wants quality time with me and her.”

    Tell him exactly what you said here, if he can't understand that then too bad, let him pout.

  2. He's made me feel safe while I've learned to manage trauma and flashbacks, shown me how to say sorry (I never had a relationship I could, and he started doing that in our relationship). He cares a lot, he struggles to do things but he does try really very hot to work on things. He has changed over time, for example doing much more cleaning now than at the start of our relationship.

  3. He didn’t stop cheating. He’s still cheating, they just may not be talking this week.

    If your gut isn’t proof enough, and the evidence isn’t proof enough, and he’s proven himself to be a liar and a gaslighter, why would you trust what he says over what you see?

    Why would he take accountability for something he plans to continue doing?

    You are choosing to stay, so he is choosing to keep you in the dark because apparently the only proof that will make you leave is possibly catching him balls deep inside of her, and even then he could tell you it’s not what it looks like, and you’ll continue to questions what you know you saw for years.

    He is winning because you aren’t leaving, so he has no reason to be accountable.

  4. There's a saying in Germany: If there's a

    Your cousin's a Nazi. Cut her off and hope she comes to her senses. Nazis aren't just racist and antisemitic and homophobic, they're also misogynists and he will very likely abuse her, if brainwashing her with Nazi ideology isn't abusive enough.

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