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  1. That depends on how long they have known each other and have been interacting. If she was underage when they met, there is definitely an argument to be made about grooming and that would make the dynamic of the situation suspicious. However, if they both met as adults and made the mutual decision to be in a relationship as adults then honestly who cares

  2. I was in an abusive relationship and I usually tell new romantic interests about it in bits over time, when I’m comfortable and feel safe. Most of it is either venting or explaining why I react to certain things the way I do, or if I need comfort. You don’t have to tell him anything unless you want to or need to. If you feel it helps him understand you better, then you can tell him at a pace that suits you. You never HAVE to.

  3. Leave now. Call everybody you know and ask somewhere to sleep tonight. Send a friend to pick up your stuff tomorrow.

  4. And I was a die nude leftist at 18( like the annoying kind of leftist) who ended up very center-left as I got older. Fair to say I moved to the right a bit.

  5. Her reaction was not okay and you deserve a better listener in your partner. That said, this could have been a communication issue. I had a boyfriend that sort of had a PE thing and when he explained it to me I sort of made a dismissive noise and waved my hand. I did that because I genuinely wasn't worried about our sex life or judging him at all and I saw the PE as a non-issue. But he obviously did not realize that, since I did not communicate it well.

    You two need to have a good long talk about validating and supporting each other. When we mess up, we have to show over time that our behavior has changed. Apologizing quickly and demanding it to be accepted is not actually being considerate or sorry.

  6. For all intents and purposes a vasectomy is a permanent.

    It is not a form of birth control, it is sterilization. The chances of successfully reversing a vasectomy become almost nonexistent after only 1-2 years after the procedure.

  7. I know you mentioned struggling to find a therapist to go to – is it possible to a) find a virtual therapist and/or b) join a SA survivors group therapy? I know neither of these are a perfect solution, but I do think it would help. I especially think it would be beneficial to have people your boyfriend can go to who take the assault seriously and don't laugh it off. I think other survivors (particularly men who have been assaulted) could offer healthy connections for him.

    Also, on a personal note: my sister was raped, right around the time she met her boyfriend, and her boyfriend was extremely wary – he knew what had happened to her around when it did, because they were close friends before dating, and every step was a baby step even in the initial stages of dating. They are now very in love and celebrated six years together a couple months ago. Basically, people who have been SA'd have loving, caring relationships, and those happen when their partner is loving, caring, and understanding. It sounds to me like you are all of these, and the two of you are lucky to have each other.

  8. This is a ask for external help situation…. Whomever is proximity close to you, parents, friends etc., The next time your BF leaves, have them come over and get all your stuff out and be gone, block him everywhere.

    Do not break up with him alone. Do inform friends that he is not a safe person and you don't want him to know anything about anything anymore. Let people help you & be honest about the situation.

    Most of an abusers power comes from you not talking and being alone.

  9. Sounds like Bob was the “little girl” this time and melted under the consequences of his own actions.

    I think your note was EPIC and deserved.

    However I think you should have ran it by the hostess first.

  10. So yep, that’s weird.

    Now in defence of him, maybe he thought “this is weird but I guess I kind of have to give her my number? I dunno what’s going on here but I don’t want to be awkward”. In this case the key is how he responds to you. If he says ‘ack I have no idea why she wanted my number That was so weird here’s my phone go ahead and delete it” then I think you’re fine.

  11. Your longest relationship has been these 10 weeks, and you didnt see each other for 4 of those?

    Is that accurate?

  12. He claims to be in three relationships with the 1st one being toxic, the 2nd one didn’t work out (4 year relationship), and the latest one being VERY abusive and she was “super crazy” he says. Should I calmly confront him in person or calmly talk to him over the phone?

  13. Yeah, telling him now would be perceived(and perhaps rightfully so) as you just being jealous and wanting to ruin a relationship out of spite.

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