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Date: September 20, 2022

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  1. This doesn’t mean he’s cheating. Maybe he gave some to a friend? You might just be able to mention that it felt like it was fuller before? Also, be careful and protect yourself!

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  3. Oh hell no! She got you on lockdown with marriage and now the real person is emerging. You haven’t bought your child anything for 2 years? So it started immediately after marriage. Daughter was here first and will be your child forever. Stop thinking with your lower anatomy and apologize to your kid and fix this NOW. Shame on you and your immature wife.

  4. To be fair, I had a little deep dive and what the fiancée says is most likely reality. This dog is untrained, understimulated and wreaks havoc when it's not in the cage. OP deleted an earlier post but the comments suggest that the dog gets 30 min of exercise a day and destroys their home. In this post the dog is suddenly only whining a bit. We get an incredibly biased view, I would love to know how the fiancée would describe this situation.

  5. It true that most people wouldn’t steal their partners phone to call their employer and quit their job, most married couples also wouldn’t accept a job without consulting their partner in the first. Especially one doing something like modeling underwear.

  6. You forgot to name anything good about this person that is supposed to outweigh this tremendous list of personal failings / bad interpersonal traits

    “Female best friend” is not even as bad as the unspoken “is in a 26/20 hetero relationship”

  7. So she went off BC, then told you she'd want to keep the kid if she gets pregnant, then got pregnant in 2 months?

    Idk maybe I've been on reddit too much but are you sure she didn't tamper with the condoms?

    Also if you don't want a kid you shouldn't have a kid. The kid will know, they always pick up on it, and all 3 of you will end up miserable. You don't want to be a dad, you've always been clear about that. Just like you can't force her to get or not get an abortion, she can't force you to be a dad. You have every right to walk away but tell her now. You can't be on the fence now and later resent her. Tell her now so she can get an abortion if she doesn't want to do it alone.

  8. You reacted in the right way, the fact that she had been with you for FIFTEEN years and still did this is really sad.

  9. You, your life and your mindset is all just… wow, a complete dumpster fire. Your poor kids. You are in the affair fog and I honestly don’t believe your husband is truly as bad as you say and that you are just trying to justify your crappy actions with the affair. You’ve contradicted yourself with every statement you’ve said about him. The thing about cheaters is it’s never their fault they cheated, they lie and twist the narrative to justify their crappy behavior and have deluded themselves into actually believing the BS they spew. You’re codependent, what a solid idea to monkey branch to the next guy, I’m totally sure nothing will go wrong even though you barely know him, and no talking on the phone or spending short dates with him doesn’t count. You don’t truly know somebody until you’ve been around them face to face for at least a year. I’m super confident the guy that was okay having an affair with a married woman and blowing up her marriage so fast is totally a great guy and he definitely won’t drop you like a naked potato when the next girl comes along. Cheating is a bad idea because any sane person would recognize how horrible it is for that to be the foundation of a relationship. You don’t want to be with a cheater because it means they aren’t a good person and anyone who doesn’t see the problem also isn’t a good person. Good luck with your delusions. Can’t wait to see the update when everything crashes and burns, this guy moves on to blow up the next marriage and you’re all alone because even your kids despise you and only want to be with their dad. You’re not supposed to introduce new men to your kids for like a year of a real, in person relationship, it’s very unhealthy to expose your kids to a revolving door of men and if you introduce your man to them after a few weeks or months the probability of that happening goes up. No way this guy who’s 50, has already raised 3 kids to adulthood and is a musician wants to settle down and be the new dad to your toddlers. He’s focusing on only the good half of 50/50 custody, but I bet when those kiddos are with you he will begin to resent everything about it and eventually turn tail and run. If wish you luck, but all the luck in the world can’t help with this flaming wreck of your life. I’ve read this story 1,000s of times before and can tell you exactly how it will end. You’re so deluded I feel so bad for your kids they don’t deserve to be raised by such an arrogant, insane, piece of work like yourself. Better just start putting money away into a therapy fund because they’ll need it when they get older and the cracks start to surface from all the damage you’ve done.

  10. I wish you could have had that too, I was a minor when mine happened so I had family.

    I wish you all the best, and pray for a happy life for you

  11. I'd 1000000% just say “no I don't want to be in an open relationship” and I don't give one fuck if it makes me feel like a “crazy insecure girlfriend.”

  12. Yo dude, sorry to hear about that. It sounds like your girl was feeling some stress and couldn't handle it. And, for whatever reason, it sounds like you didn't feel like you were getting the reassurance you needed from her. But, let me break it down for you, bro – sometimes things just don't work out. People change, feelings change, and you can't force someone to love you or stay with you. It sounds like she's trying to be there for you as a friend and that's something you should appreciate. And honestly, dude, you might want to take a look at how you're communicating and what you're expecting from her. Maybe the way you brought up the topic of reassurance came off as too demanding and she just couldn't handle it. Just remember, you're better off with someone who can be there for you and support you without feeling like it's too much stress for them. And, if she didn't love you, why would she have been willing to do all of those things with you? Just keep that in mind and try not to focus too much on the past. Keep it civil and move on.

  13. I have a friend like this. He is very persistent and taught himself to play guitar very well! But he wants to be a singer as well. I am a singer too, and I told him 15 years ago: you are never going to be a good singer. He was adamant about proving me wrong. He got better but it’s still very much off key. Just not nice to listen to at all. He’s throwing so much money at making music and it’s all good! Except he insists on singing on every track and he just can’t sing. Some people just have a one track mind. Telling your partner he can’t sing is really harsh, I don’t recommend it. You could ask him to step up and try something different with this life though. Being supported by your parents at 35 isn’t a good look imo.

  14. This is a great tactic to get to the truth.. for the detectives on Law & Order, who don’t give a shit about their relationship with the suspect after they get their answer.

    I believe you’ve been with her long enough to recognize her behavior for the entire evening as “off.” She could have been feeling a combination of emotional neglect from you + coupled with positive attention from her boss and/or didn’t no how to turn down his “social” advances because of the power dynamic.

    Instead of leading with a one man good cop/bad cop (?) I would start with just saying what you told us. Hell, maybe show her your post!

  15. Sounds like she's having a naked time dealing with the kid and you're worried about your dick. Maybe you should stop thinking about yourself a bit dude.

  16. This makes a lot of sense, thank you so much, sometimes a perspective from the other side is all you need 🙂

  17. Who cares why. Actions speak louder than words is not a hollow saying. He stood you up, being extremely disrespectful of your time twice not just once. Just block his number he can be “not good enough” for someone else.

  18. You're asking the wrong person to “respect” your “boundaries”. This friend has zero investment in making you happy. It's your boyfriend who'd have to be the one to cool this down a bit. If he refuses then it is what it is and your only power in the situation would be to remove yourself from it.

  19. I dont know about anyone else but I would never ever date or be in a relationship with a girl who has a high body count. When I say this some people call me insecure or incel but this has nothing to with being insecure. The more you sleep around the more you find around and this comes at a price! İt's called trauma and people do this on purpose knowing the possible consequences of their actions will affect their future. I personally dont wanna deal with that kind of a girl because I respect myself. When you date someone you show the world your worth as well not only she represents herself, she also represents you and this goes both ways my friend. I would urge you to leave this relationship as soon as possible because she had her fun in her 20's and now she's looking for a stable partner who's gonna stick around and maybe provide for her needs and there is no shame in that but we are not living in an idealistic world. Find a mature and good girl who has no bad history and can nurture you spiritually this is like a walking red flag. Run away ASAP!

  20. I’ve also been reminded by family that i’ve had covid like 3 times.

    I'm really gonna stress to you here you need to be wearing an n95 indoors in public. This is too much.

    She is expecting too much re: small detail memory, but that's not my point.

  21. In the simplist terms. Your stepdad earned the right to walk you down the aisle. He was there when you needed a dad the most. Your bio dad showing up when you are 20 is great, but in the grand scheme of things, it's a little too late. You needed him when you were 10 and 13 and 17. So just based on this information alone, it would be a crappy thing for you to push the guy who was there at those times aside for a guy who showed up when the very hot work was already done that made you who you are today.

  22. “We believe in gender roles” Gross, but okay, sure, let's go with that then.

    This “traditional” role BS would mean that since he makes good money he pays for EVERYTHING. So, to be clear, not only does he not pay rent but he also pays for absolutely 100% of your personal expenses. After all, you're a woman, so your job isn't to work but to do 100% of the cooking, cleaning and childcare (if you have kids).

    So, if you haven't figured it out yet, your boyfriend is using “gender roles” as an excuse to make you do all the housework and cooking while he contributes nothing to the household. He's using you and taking advantage of you. And because you're trying to convince yourself this is your “role,” you're letting him.

  23. Never compare yourself to rumours. It is completely meaningless.

    She’s not even employed. Tech isn’t exactly doing well, especially the FANG companies.

    So just let her say what she wants until reality sorts her out.

  24. He needs to act his age not his shoe size. He is acting like a spoiled child when he doesn't get what he wants.

  25. Cheating is and always will be a decision made by the ofendee. Short of being drugged up to the point of losing all control (which I would then consider any sexual contact to be pantamount to rape), there is absolutely no logical reason you can come up with to justify it.

    As others have said, walk away and get tested. The guy clearly doesn't love you if he seeks other avenues to get his rocks off.

  26. It seems a little soon to be upset about not meeting his parents but I guess if they’re local, it is a little odd that there hasn’t been a single family dinner out, bday to celebrate, some kind of informal get together, etc.

    If it were me, I think I’d reframe things.

    While it was a small gesture, I think putting your name on the Xmas card was an olive branch. If they’re decent people, they’re probably embarrassed. And everyone got played by the cousin. Sounds like his parents are protective and wouldn’t you believe family over someone you don’t know at all?

    I’d tell your boyfriend how you’re feeling because he really should be addressing this with his parents. I don’t think you should expect them to roll out the red carpet and apologize profusely. But your boyfriend could certainly organize a dinner out with them.

    To me (44F) it’s up to your BF to manage his family and that includes how they treat you and when he introduces you. I agree with you that just “dropping by” would be a no. That just will potentially make things awkward for everyone.

  27. An extensive one. I'm trying to do better. Truly, I am. I always pick the wrong people. I focused on me for 3 years and thought I was okay. I backslid. He has told me if I leave him, “he is going to hold me down and cut my face to the bone so no one will ever want me” Once I get away, I'm going to focus on me for the rest of my life. Maybe when I'm old an feeble I'll settle down…. maybe.

  28. I'd end it. She can sleep with whomever, but you can't even flirt? That makes no sense, and anymore time spent with her would likely not be a smart investment.

  29. do y’all consider this to be an acceptable or understandable reaction from a twenty year old man?

    The fact that you're even on here seriously asking this question makes me concerned for you. Of course it isn't.

    he replied that this is why men don’t show emotions because they just get “shit on” when they do

    Men show their emotions all the time, but too often through violence and intimidation. Only an idiot thinks that men don't experience of express emotions, but the reality is that many men don't have the means or desire to express those emotions in a healthy way (your BF for example).

    Throwing a tantrum (in a car no less) is not only unhealthy, it's childish and expecting your adult BF to act like and express himself and an adult way is a pretty low bar to clear and he can't even seem to do that.

  30. If i were in your position i would give him ONE chance, just ONE to show you he is really sorry. But first i would have a sincere and calm talk about the issue, and how all make you feel and think about him, yourself and the relationship, if he understand and commits to change his behaviour, i belive you should give him that chance. If you dont see changes, or at least if you see he is not even trying, dont stay. You dont deserve disrespect, you deserve someone who loves you and makes you feel the most handsome man that ever been om earth.

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