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  1. She's already left you Chief, the reason she hasn't told you is incase her ex is playing her like she's playing you. She'll run back and walk all over you.

  2. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    I never cheated or even thought about anything like that, our son doesn’t look like my husband (German) except he has lighter hair, our son looks like me Asian.

    He’s been joking about it for awhile now, I asked him to stop at some point because it makes me feel like he’s saying I cheated, I got worn out so I brought a DNA kit test.

    Now he’s super upset with me and said I wasted 200$ on the test, I did, but it must be on the back of his head if he’s joke about it the way he does, I’m getting pretty tired, I thought this was the correct solution.

    We got into a huge argument, we never do so it’s very intense right now and he won’t even do the test, where do I go from here?

    Where did I messed this up? And how do I fix this?

    UPDATE: the internet can be extremely overwhelming, so I might delete this post after I say this. I do appreciate the people who helped with some advice and see the situation as both sides.

    Then the comments kept coming in so I just want to assure you, my husband is not a racist. He’s a good man. And I’m not going to leave him for something so small.

    The reason I posted this to ask for some advice it’s because sometimes I’m so blinded from my own shit I’m not sure if there was something I was missing. The reason I got the dna test was because I thought it was the most logical thing to do for a peace of mind, stats are shown about 4% in the states for example fathers are raising kids that aren’t theirs, now that’s a crime.

    So me thinking that, I thought to get the test for that, I didn’t get it out of spite. At the end of the day I want my relationship to work, especially now with a son, I can come off a bit of a robot sometimes and it’s something I’m working on myself.

    So yes thank you for all the comments, I hope I’m already such a messed up world, we don’t go straight to leaving someone or “divorce”. I just want to make things work, I’m figuring it out on the way, marriage is naked sometimes, it’s okay.

  3. I agree, I don’t expect him to read my mind. Maybe he has a different idea of what romance is? How does being objectified make you feel?

  4. Your boyfriend manipulates you for nudes AND tries to control what you wear? GET OUT OF THIS RELATIONSHIP IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE FROM HERE.

    Please, for real, break up with him and move on. He’s not a good person, he clearly has control and jealousy issues. You need to exit now while you still can.

  5. I just wanna point out here that my dad was 57 when they had me, and I'm the eldest of two. It's not as big a deal for men to have kids later in life like it is for women. Just saying.

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