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  1. It really depends on what they discussed about kids.

    Unfortunately way too many couples don't ever discuss childcare in detail. They just gloss over it and they eqxh assume it'll be a certain way. A lot of men do expect the woman to do most or almost all of the childcare, and part of the issue is that the women step up or take over at the beginning, often leaving the man catered to.

    Telling him that not hitting her is the minimum expectation isn't going to change anything. What they need to discuss is how life is going to be from now on. And they need to divide and conquer on certain things where he has to take 100% of the responsibilities for certain tasks

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  3. Until he has gone through his divorce (not gonna happen) keep him at arms length, unless you want to be his trashy sidepiece.

  4. Your wife is being dramatic. You need to stop coddling her and tell her that the actions are behind you now and help her to understand that it is not worth ruining relationships over. And for you, I would note this as a red flag. Think of all the potentially happy moments in your life that may be overrun or tainted by this kind of dramatic attitude. It sounds exhausting.

  5. You’re manipulating him and you’re a problem. He deserves bodily autonomy. Obviously you have a personal problem with that. go to a therapist to work on not neglecting your partner over your control issues

  6. You're going to be an ex she DOESN'T text if you keep up with this controlling behavior. I still occasionally talk with my exes. They were parts of my life, and often there is correspondence. It's infrequent, yes, but sometimes you just have to ask about something or check in. Get a grip man.

  7. First of all, paragraphs are your friend. It's very difficult to read a block of text like that.

    Second, he's not a monster. He's human. A human making shitty, harmful decisions. It's important that we acknowledge that people who commit sexual assault etc are human just like the rest of us. They look and act like everyone else for the most part. People who deem them monsters are more likely to refuse to believe that someone they know, perhaps even love, could possibly be a predator even when they are very credibly accused of horrid behavior. That's how predators get away with it.

    Third, his bipolar disorder didn't make him sexually harass your gf. That was him. That's who he is – it was just a side of him that you didn't know about. Now he's trying to blame the two of you for his actions by guilt tripping you. That just proves that you can't have him back in your home or life – he isn't taking responsibility for his actions.

    I'm afraid this is going to be an expensive lesson as to why it's a bad idea to buy property with people you don't know extremely well. However, don't feel guilty for kicking him out. You're protecting your gf, yourself, and possibly your roommate too. This was the very predictable consequence of his actions. He has only himself to blame.

  8. This is why a lot of people don’t like to talk about the fact that they have money early on in a relationship. However, it’s for the best this happened now. Because money and attitudes towards money are a huge issue with couples.

    It seems you two have very different attitudes. It would be one thing if you were married. But you’ve barely been dating. (Not even a year.) Clearly this isn’t going to work long term. People who save and people who want to spend everything don’t last long.

    I think you already know that this relationship isn’t going to last.

  9. You missed the part of the story where she told him they were his but refused to believe it and assumed she'd get an abortion… if he cared at all he wouldn't be waiting a decade. He would have asked for a paternity test.

  10. he was trying so very hot with me for a week straight and the date ruin it? I'm just curious as to why.. He kept telling me he was nervous throughout the date too

    I'm not super big into the dating scene and I kinda want to improve for next time 🙁

    You don't think its a good idea?

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