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  1. Omg why did you let her keep getting animals when NO ONE takes care of them?!! Horrible environment for a dog. A dog is a pack animal. You all are neglecting and abusing these animals. In most cases that is a crime.

  2. I read about 20 words of the entire post before I wanted to grab you by the shoulders and shake you and yell to choose medical school

  3. I wish I could upvote this more.

    Your family is BATSHIT crazy. Your sister is obviously the favored child and you are the poor scapegoat.

    RUN BETCH RUN!!’ GTFO!! Those people are crazy!

  4. I honestly feel like your husband is in the wrong here and i want to list my reasons below:

    1.) It was JUST ONE SIMPLE CALL, it's not like you went out of your way to “entertain” him in any way by for example inviting him over and cooking a 10-course dinner; 2.) Your EX called YOU, so he was the active part and you just picked up the phone like a normal, friendly person, it's not like you even thought about contacting your ex; 3.) It's been not only 6 FUCKING YEARS that you broke up, you even didn't have ANY type of contact in that time. There is no “entertainment” of anyone here. 4.) As far as i understand, you just talked to him. You didn't promise to meet up in the future for whatever reasons etc. and you told your husband the truth. There was no ill intent on your part at any point, nothing inappropriate at all.

    I think your husband is just insecure and somehow thinks that you talking nicely to a men in general could lead to infidelity – does he not “allow” you to have any male friends etc. either? He sounds overly controlling in my opinion.

    The way you worded your post makes me think that you really are a honest and genuine human being who really wants to understand reasoning and doesn't just throw around words thoughtlessly and without meaning behind them. Good for you. Don't let your husband gaslight you into thinking you did anything wrong pls.

  5. Honestly, I feel like once you're an adult, the age of your friends doesn't matter. I have friends who are both older and younger than me, and I know many people who do as well. If you're it may be a little different but if you have fun with them and they have fun with you it isn't weird.

  6. Don't buy anything together. If you can afford it, buy it by yourself and she can contribute to expenses, i.e. rent, or get her own place.

  7. I bet she wouldn't have the same issue at that point, I think this might be a sort of FOMO manifestation. With the next partner I suspect she'd be ok as long as she's their 2nd.

  8. If you feel like your UTI is related to sex then he 100% caused it….let me tell you I had 1 ex who gave them to me CONSTANTLY. I left him 8 years ago and I've only had 2 UTIs since and it was caused from not drinking enough water for an extended period of time. Never had another sexual related UTI again.

  9. When y'all grow up, y'all gonna see that bein' right don't mean squat, it's all 'bout havin' a good time and livin' life to the fullest!

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