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Date: September 28, 2022

12 thoughts on “Choushi on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Men don't think porn is cheating

    Lol way to be sexist. This isn't about gender. Everyone has different standards and it's not defined by their gender. Lots of Women also think porn isn't cheating and actively watch porn while in a relationship.

    But nah, I guess men are animals and women are perfect.

  2. Leave the bitch cause your definitely waisting your time being around a hoe cause I bet she’s probably already doing it anyway and didn’t get caught.

  3. I absolutely get what you mean when you say read up on it! I have a little brother with autism and got a lot of lesson about it because of that, my only hole in information is the flirting aspect, I obviously don’t wanna ask him out out of nowhere and freak him out

  4. I don't understand where this idea of “feminine” meaning compliant or obedient comes from. Like, this is a very new concept. The modern idea of the “trad” wife is very… Not traditional. At all. Women throughout history have been characterized for disobedience – which is something some men have used as an excuse to lord power over them. And yet I keep seeing this idea crop up.

    Look, I know you say the relationship is good otherwise, but this sounds like a really deep seated issue. From what you describe, it seems like he basically telling you a woman should sit down and shut up and listen to the man. And that signals a lack of respect, in my opinion.

    You might want to think about whether this is someone you really want to dedicate your time and energy to. Especially before you guys move together.

  5. Don't set yourself on fire to keep others warm. If she isn't willing to go to therapy and work on herself there is nothing you can do. You are not her doctor, not her parent, not her sugar daddy. You are not a bad guy for breaking up with her. Taking care of your own mental health and physical and financial needs is required and in no way makes you a bad dude. Be done.

  6. seconding all of this. take those rose colored glasses off! if you’re talking about hypothetical children already, would you want this guy who’s probably lying to you being the father of your children? talking about you like this, as if he holds 100% innocence ? is she really crazy, or are you only listening to what you want to hear? lots to think about.

  7. If she’s that obsessed with him, she didn’t just “nap.” Based on the last time he “broke up” with her, demand that he get an order of protection for you and him against her. HE HAS to do it or she will think he still wants to be with him. If she breaks the order of protection, demand that he have her jailed. Otherwise, if he fails to do this, end things because he will never be rid of her.

  8. He has behaved very badly but can we have a practical conversation first?

    His salary is not bad. It's not great for a three child family, but it's not bad.

    Are you certain that working opposite hours is absolutely necessary?

    Could you work an 8-5, accept the fact that you are spending a lot of childcare, and consider it an investment in your marriage?

    Could you work fewer hours or not at all?

    It is going to be important to balance household responsibilities and he will need to be more responsible but first let's look at the big problem: You are working 90 hours per week and that is not acceptable.

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