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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. She’s not being molested anymore. She eventually told her mom after staying quiet about it for a year (she’s always been a very shy, very quiet girl). The brother was obviously super hurt, and stayed away for over a month (he has a 1 year old daughter) and through therapy has found the courage to come back around to the family. The mom stayed with this man and they just acted like it never happened after he apologized to her (years ago). I literally don’t know what to do because this girl is everything I dreamed of but fuck. If I have a daughter with her I’ll never, as her father and protector, allow her to be alone with this man. I see problems over this in the future :/

  2. If you already met her parents i would assume that you have a good, deep bond with her. If at this moment you cannot still talk to her about what you just witnessed, then I might think it was a little bit early for a visit to her parents home.

    Can you talk to her about what you just saw at their house?

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