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  1. Are your cars jointly financed? You know better than others whether you can work out arrangements. But there are mediators to help end relationships with entanglement even those that aren't married. Get a written division of assets/separation agreement. Consult a family lawyer.

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  3. Yeah it's not the supposed masturbation that's the issue, it's that he believes so much that it happened and the fact that I'm denying it, that's the issue. Even though that's the truth. He thinks I did it and I'm now lying/pulling the wool over his eyes and I'm fuming because of that, because there is no trust there. I said to him, I'm fuming because you don't trust me enough to believe me and that's when he said “I know what I saw”

  4. You could say, “hey, could we try this with sage tonight?” That's not rude. Or use a scale: “on a scale if 1-10, I want Chinese at a 6. How about you?”

    Those are simple and accommodating to both parties' feelings. It's really not that complicated.

  5. I know the type lol.

    You may even be one of the many women he's a “partner” to. I won't be surprised if it turns out the guy is a married guy (his wife is just at another town).

    My good friend's ex-husband is this exact type. He traveled for his work all the time. My friend didn't suspect him at all. It turned out, he was always cheating on her the whole time they're together (unfortunately for her, she didn't find out after she's been married for 5 years to him and has 2 kids with the AH).

    Then, with his girlfriends/affair partners, he would break up with them then get back together, similar MO with your current partner. Even after my friend divorced him, he cheated with his other gfs. My friend found out because his new partners would contact her…yeah, the guy is a walking mess of a guy. Full on cheater.

    Let's just say this: you're not crazy. He is not for you, unless you want to be cheated on. Please let go of that guy. Get tested for STI also, I can totally tell you that this is not the first time. I bet it's not.

  6. Does she have any hobbies herself? I’ll admit when my man and I first moved in together I was clingy and it was just because I didn’t have anything to occupy my time when he had more alone type hobbies. Eventually I started watching new shows alone, would paint, and even got myself some games. It’s gotten better but it was naked to give him alone time when I had too much alone time. I would sit her down and tell her it’s getting too much. You both need some alone time even if it’s an hour. It’s ok to being that up. Encourage her to play a game herself or see a friend.

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