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Date: September 20, 2022

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  1. Yeah tbh this is largely why, so we are each other's next of kin etc and to protect us both financially if we have kids and/or of one of us dies. Practical reasons basically. I do kinda like the idea of a wedding but the planning and expense of it.. yeeesh. No thank you!

  2. OP, my son is transgender, on hormones, and just a couple years older than your son. Hormones ARE a necessity for many (not all) transgender people when it comes to affirming their identity.

    For trans males, testosterone supports development of “masculine” features like more body hair, a deeper voice and the ability to build weight and muscle in a more typically “masculine” manner. These benefits are very affirming to many people’s identity (although again, not for all trans people—everyone feels differently. Some trans dudes have the goal of “passing” as cisgender men, while others are comfortable with androgynous or even stereotypically “feminine” features.)

    The important thing to remember is that this is your son’s life. He gets to decide whether or not he wants the type of affirmation that hormones provide—it’s his decision, not yours. I repeat: it is his choice, not yours.

    To salvage your relationship, either fully support your son’s choice or stop pretending to be on his side.

    The best advice I ever received was from a doctor in the emergency room when my son was hospitalized for self harm and suicidal ideation (this was when I first learned he was trans because I had stupidly missed all the clues he had been dropping): “You don’t have a daughter. You have a son, so you can either get on this train right now or it’s going to leave the station without you.”

    I’d recommend reaching out to a PFLAG organization or joining a Facebook group like Parents of Transgender Children, so you can learn from other parents who have been where you are.

    Your son has been gracious in giving you repeated chances to support him. Stop trying to find a middle ground that placates your bigoted relatives. Your son should be your priority.

  3. Your parents are your parents. They made you who you are. Your fiance loves you for who you are. Remember that. There is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Be proud of yourself, because by feeling ashamed of your parents what you are really saying is that you don't feel good enough for your fiance and his family. You absolutely are good enough. Don't ever doubt that. Money does not make a person worthy.

    To the wedding. You are a couple. You aren't merely preparing for a wedding. You are preparing for a marriage. As such, you must start thinking and acting like a married couple. That means that you work through things together. If you cannot afford a big wedding, you have to discuss it with your partner and come up with a budget and financial plan. Together.

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