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Model from:

Languages: fr

Birth Date: 1995-07-17

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityEbony

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBlack

Subculture: subcultureGlamour

Date: September 29, 2022

5 thoughts on “coco2614live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I dont know what those are.

    But the point is that she wanted to get married. She should have prioritized it. There is a cultural aspect to why she should have looked younger as it was expected if that is the case.

    22 because she still is likely in college. The largest group of her peers to choose from and meet new people. Most people spend between 2.5 years to 5 years getting to know their partner from initials stages of dating to get married. She had time to go through and vet bfs and where does that leave her on the timeframe?

    28-31 years old. Lines up quite well with the average age most people are married no?

    Instead of actually looking for someone as a husband, she made her choices. For whatever reason, I don't care, she was looking at 31 and instead of letting the natural flow of bf, to fiance, to husband flow, she is trying to speed it along. She is forcing her bf to consider marriage ahead of what he feels comfortable with. It isn't good for her relationship long term and likely to backfire more than help.

  2. You've been paying for luxuries and you haven't even dated her for a year. You keep going like this and she will suddenly lose her job and you will have to pay for her to live.

    Bow out.

  3. WOW. After reading your post and all of your comments, YTA. I hope you enjoy never having a relationship with your daughter again.

    Just to summarize everything in one neat spot: – your daughter helped pay bills several times and she paid to renovate several parts of the house, including her en-suite bathroom – you only work part-time (info: why??) – your daughter works full-time – your daughter was not told about her aunt and nephews coming to steal her room prior to them moving in because you didn’t want her to rant about how your tiny home cannot house more people – your back hurts so you forced your daughter to sleep on the couch (info: why couldn’t your sister and her kids sleep in the living room? They needed a place to sleep, not privacy) – your daughter paid for and owned the only car available to your house – your daughter had a project car that she spent time working on as a hobby – you spend a good chunk of your money on feeding your sister and nephews

    I think this is everything necessary to know that YTA. Your family was about to become homeless, so you took them in. That’s a selfless act… if you were taking the majority/the entire burden of taking care of them. However, you didn’t. You put the majority of the burden on your daughter. She lost her room, her privacy, and you tried to make her lose her car and hobby. You, on the other hand, lost some money from your part time job. That is nothing compared to what your daughter lost. And you didn’t even ask her about it beforehand. That is not selfless of you, that is selfISH.

    Then your daughter realizes her opinions, interests, and comfort does not matter to you, so she takes everything that she paid for and leaves. Your daughter was entirely in the right here. You want to act like you rule your home, then you can pay for everything, and anything you didn’t pay for is hers to control. If that means you no longer have a vehicle, an en-suite, or basically an furniture for your sister, then too bad. Neither of you are homeless yet, so be grateful. Now you can actually learn what being selfless is.

    Additionally, (blood related) family doesn’t really mean shit in the grand scheme of things. Your sister and nephews were about to be homeless, sure, but it doesn’t mean your daughter is forced to care. Your family may not be her family. Just being related is not enough to warrant completely changing someone’s life. Has your sister ever helped your daughter financially? Are they close? Does your daughter think highly of your sister? My guess is no to all of them. It may be your sister, but to your daughter, it is no different than just bringing in a random homeless family off of the streets.

    If you want to repair your relationship AT ALL, then you have very few options. You need to apologize for all of them. You then need to start accepting her hobby. Her project car is her hobby. Your lack of a car (and your sister’s lack of a car) is not her fault or her problem. She should not and does not need to give up her hobby for some lousy family who refuses to even work full-time. You then need to never ask her for financial help for your family ever again. If you can’t help them, then that doesn’t mean force someone else to help them. Lastly, you need to tell her that you love her and support her decisions going forward, and that you understand if she chooses not to ever speak to any of you ever again. Say that she is welcome to come home and that you will not expect anything from her again. That is how you might still keep any semblance of a relationship with her.

    I just can’t believe how outright selfish someone can be to their own daughter. You made your grave, now lie in it.

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