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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Well I definitely can't put them together, my hands are permanently injured. Best I can do is leave them where they are. He's definitely neurotypical, but we joke pretty condescendingly, like an old couple who don't actually like each other. We do like each other we just think it's funny. That's why I think he'd think it's funny. My mum and dad poke fun at eachother too so I'm sure they'd just roll their eyes.

    I've got other gifts for him besides but what else he needs it out of budget or he'd have already purchased it for himself. I can't think of anything not 150+ to get him. So this would just give him the opportunity to open as many presents as my family, whom we've bought presents for all year when we go to conventions and stuff and see something they'd like. Go figure if we find something for ourselves we usually use it right then.

  2. You say “lying by omission” as if it’s just understood that you tell your partner every detail about your life leading up to the relationship. I don’t think that’s necessary, and I would bet I’m not the only one. You can trust someone and know them very well without knowing all of their past. Also, finances and affairs are current problems. Her sexual history is not a problem and it’s not something that would necessarily affect their relationship at all so imo it’s irrelevant whether she shares it or not

  3. She had just smashed, was probably in a good mood and not expecting this deep conversation. “crunch cake” does sound kind of funny if you don’t have the negative feeling towards it that you do. I wouldn’t judge her whole personality on this one incident. Try talking to her about it if you need to, or just tell her that her mother is a slag, then you’re even.

  4. You did more than most people could. You took a big risk and tried, but it didn't pay out. I'm sorry but it seems like you were the only one invested in really trying and giving it a go. It's shitty, but you should consider pulling the plug, I realise you care for her still against all odds, but at some point it's a matter of self-preservation.

  5. Unfortunately, this is a her problem. Body counts don’t matter in the long run and things from past relationships shouldn’t bleed into current ones and if they do- that stuff needs to be brought up to a therapist so it can be nipped immediately. You can’t control how your life and experiences differed from hers any more than you can change the weather outside. This is a problem she needs to resolve and all you can do is support her by guiding her to therapy. If she refuses and chooses this as her hill to die on; I hate to say it but to me… that’s a dealbreaker.

  6. “I've decided to end our relationship. I'm breaking up with you. It hasnt been working for me for some time now and I don't believe that either of us could make the changes I feel that I need.”

    Have your exit plan organised and if you can have a friend ready and waiting to pick you and help you leave right then it would be great. Take your important documents, sentimental and expensive items immediately, and move everything else out as soon as possible. Do NOT get draw into conversation; it only gives him opportunity to try to convince you that he can change or that you should stay. DO NOT feel you have to say anything more or justify this in any way, or “let him down gently” or talk more about it. Its better if you do not.

  7. Noone wears a costume to a wedding. It's a no. They don't want that in their pictures. It's a fancy event and that means respect and decor for all outfits of all guests.

    You mentioned as long as he wears a suit he thinks he's fine… ok so does this mean a reg suit but with like a caption America tie or something? If so, that's fine. But not more than that.

  8. This needs to be further up. If we’re talking belt buckles, a suit that pulls the colors together, ect, is a totally appropriate way to pull your personality into a wedding without it being ostentatious. OP just needs to chill, it’s not a whole costume.

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