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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. No girl, you’re not in the wrong at all, I noticed your reply to someone explaining what you said to him and it’s much more of a compliment than anything else. You wanted to have sex because you genuinely wanted to be close to him and plus you found him attractive. He was just wanting a way out, you deserve so much better.

  2. You getting aroused by the video has nothing to do with the fact you weren't aware it was being filmed.

    CNC is always tricky, but the first C is what matters. Did you ever say something along the lines of “Do whatever you want, I'll be fine and happy with it”?

    Even if you did, there should have been a conversation about what “whatever” might look like, as there's always something that goes beyond your limits.

    And if you did not even say it, he plainly disrespected you.

    Either way, a healthy, consensual way to do it would have been: you discussing what you like. Either of you talking about filming intimate acts. Both of you expressing interest. One of you bringing up the idea of him filming when you're unaware it's happening, and again both of you saying it'd be hard.

    Up to you to decide whether this is a minor issue that can be fixed with clear communication or a major issue that should lead to a break-up.

    Again, it doesn't matter that you got aroused afterward. Many people can get aroused by stuff they don't want to do, or things they didn't agree to. Arousal isn't consent. Consent is consent. CNC still requires consent.

  3. There's really no sensation past the head and the spot directly underneath it. The rest of the penis really doesn't have sensation except hot/cold/pain.

  4. Because you’re hoping he will change & be better. He won’t. & if he does…why wait? Who knows how long that will take? A year? Two years? Ten years? Why wait?

  5. Let me break this down for you OP

    1) you forced your daughter to care for her dying father at SIX YEARS OLD after abandoning her and her brother for no reason and then you told her that she’s not good enough for to get help with her education and you still think you’re a perfect angels?


  6. Don’t tell her. The fact that he’s trying to get back with you means he’ll react badly if you tell her and he works out it’s you. He would make your life hell at best and potentially physically harm you.

    Usually I’d always suggest telling the wife but never when your ex is a police officer.

  7. Meh… if in the South, she might have been avoiding being rude, and/ or was waiting to let her son or DIL shut it down so she didn't have to be the one.

    I mean, she could've manufactured some kind of task to ask son to “assist with”, and once he was gone, there curve been since strategic musical chairs so when he got back he'd be in a different chair.

  8. Sorry but your cousin is a nazi. No one that’s not a nazi wants to marry someone that is clearly a nazi.

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