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  1. I think we need a little bit of info.

    Are you jealous of her family? Her social circle? Or other guys?

    How long have you been together?

    How much time do you usually spend together?

    Have you thought about seeing a specialist? It is not uncommon for men to have difficulty sharing /displaying their feelings/emotions in a healthy way due to the way they were brought up.

  2. You create a hypothesis, test the hypothesis then potentially revise it based on the results.

    I saw you say age gaps never work, supportive of the initial comment. That's all I was responding to.

  3. They do but that would probably be a trigger because she needs special equipment. She needs some therapy to work through this.

    Only one parent breastfeeding is normal for a lesbian family and not all women can breastfeed anyway. Even new birth mums can have strong feelings about not being able to feed

  4. Again, I’m not sure what your point is. I want her to leave the husband so that way the three of us can be a family.

  5. Can you move in with your brother right now? Somewhere where you’d be cared for and loved during your “third trimester”?

    You can tell your husband that he can visit the child, but that you need 2 months of space to rest and recover. You had a difficult birth and you have a colicky baby, and he’s shown that he cannot help during this time. You can say you’ve lost a lot of respect for him, but you’ll reserve judgement until after this separation and won’t make any big decisions until then.

  6. Text him back. I hope she's worth it. You are now her problem. Then go through the house. Delete your accounts and financial information off all his electronics and gaming stuff. Profiles ect.

    Then pack up all his shit and put it on the porch. Hire a locksmith tomorrow to change them and don't let his worthless butt back inside. Change all pins and PW you have that he knows or could even potentially know. Don't use any familiar passwords or number combos.

    I'd also block him on all socials and change your number if need be.

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