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  1. Listen: does my boyfriend have the biggest dick I’ve ever been with? No. Am I still always excited when I see some peen? Absolutely! This girl just sounds…kind of mean? Like I’m sure that she’s a good person, but who says this? If my boyfriend had responded with “your breasts”, I would have been so sad.

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  3. She absolutely can expect him to part with it if he can't take care of it. You don't let a dog shit feces all over everything you own because you're sentimental

  4. This is so fucked up , dude I’d burn everyone involved in this shit and get therapy. Literally trust nobody because what the fuck, please have some self respect ens get outta there bro

  5. Let him go. A “break” means he wants to keep you as a back up plan.

    So you aren't his physical taste anymore, and you don't know if you ever will be again. That's ok. Move on, don't kill yourself trying to meet some ideal body type for anyone else.

    The way to move forward is both of you moving forward, single, separately.

    Good luck.

  6. Do not give her a chance. She belongs to the streets. She clearly cannot be trusted and only confessed when presented with evidence that couldn't be denied.

  7. I’m not going to tell you what to do but personally, if a partner ever came in my mouth without my permission, I’d break up with them on the spot. If it was really truly an accident I’d expect huge regret and for it to never happen again.

  8. You have nothing to gain by saying anything to Maria other than making you look like a jealous insecure idiot.

    Also I'm sure him asking her out has nothing to do with you and all about her. Leave them alone.

    Keep this toxic mentality bottled up and release only to entertain right here on Reddit.

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