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  1. This doesn't sound like a “you just need the right way to talk to him” situation. It seems like a “he has made up his mind and you can either accept it or not” situation.

    He is 26 and is dating a 19 year old who is very reliant on him. The fact that he demands more of you than himself doesn't really surprise me.

    You can sit him down and tell him all this and stress how important it is to you, but I am guessing he will not react well to any sort of pushback on his behavior. Do you disagree?

  2. that's a tough situation, mate. feel sorry for you speaking as someone with severe depressive disorder. did something happen to trigger this? how long has it been going on for?

  3. Why should she need to parent her boyfriend? He should just already be doing those things.

    Communication is key, but that ship may have sailed.

  4. He ended up replying back “Hey! Sorry I’m just getting back to you. It was great to hang out with you as well! I had a great time and was glad we found that little spot seemingly in the middle of nowhere ? we’ll definitely have to do it again sometime soon. Hope you have a great day at work tomorrow!”

    Which I’ve always been told if they don’t specify a next time for a second date they aren’t that interested.

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