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  1. Block him. He's not saying anything constructive. Besides, the cat is just a symptom of the bigger problem, which is that he's trying to control you and that he belittles you for having perfectly valid feelings.

  2. Therapy

    It’s not a him problem that you have anxiety. Seek specialized treatment

    You can communicate how you feel calmly and directly but acknowledge that it’s a you problem

    Because anxiety destroying you because something small isn’t planned out well enough for your liking is how you kill a relationship.

  3. You’re not just seeing the woman there, saying hello and occasionally giving a spot. You’re regularly, specifically meeting with her to work out. You’re building a relationship with the woman. Platonic at this time, yes, but a relationship nevertheless. Is it emotionally crowding out intimacy with your wife? Early on with my wife, I would welcome “friendship” with a woman at the gym, or on my commute or at work or a conference. I would tell myself that I was just being friendly and that it didn’t mean anything. Just me being friends with her, not my wife. Thing is, if I was attracted I was more likely to build a connection. I would respond and engage more when things were bumpy with my wife, particularly when we first had kids. I would get butterflies as the woman and I connected. It was platonic, but it wasn’t right because if I kept building emotional intimacy AND she made a move AND I felt bumpy with my wife, then the only thing stopping me from cheating would have been my marital vows. It sounds like that’s not an issue for you, that you can just be friendly. Not me. If I’m replacing emotional connection with my wife with connection to another woman, then I’m heading towards betraying my wife. I think Mike Pence is WAY overboard, but the kernel of truth is that nothing should take priority over the primary relationship.

  4. I’d let him know that you think he’s a great guy but you didn’t get romantic vibes or feelings from the date. You’d like to be friends if he’s open to it (you can leave this out if you want). But you don’t see this turning into anything more serious in the future.

  5. So just confiscate it when he's out of the house and hide it. Then resell it. Quit being dumb. ?

  6. Why are we assuming she's not from elsewhere in the UK? Could just as easily be a Brummie or something

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