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  1. I'm not here to judge your parents, but that's some sexist bullshit and it doesn't matter if your parents or the Pope instilled them.

  2. 3 months? Bro, you're about to be temporary. Leave it alone.

    If something is gonna happen between them; its gonna happen regardless. You can't stop it.

    All you can do is pull back and see what happens. Otherwise, you're about to be single.

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  4. Your husband is obviously sexist, and it’s really unfortunate that he has a daughter. Having his voice in her head her whole life telling her that she’s not a whole person will be difficult for her.

    I’m guessing that, even though he’s a teacher, he doesn’t see any value in women being educated since the whole point of a woman is to have children.

    I hope you have the stamina to contradict him on a daily basis all day every day for the next 16 years. You need to very vocally disagree with him every single time he vomits his gross misogyny.

    Maybe the worst part of all of this is what his gender attitudes say about his feelings about you.

  5. The dude just sounds toxic as hell. Even if it wasn't rape, it wouldn't have been cheating because you weren't together at the time. It was though, so it makes it even worse. Can't even imagine bullying and harassing your own girlfriend who had that happen to her. If he felt hurt because you didn't tell him he should have just communicated that in a civilized manner and left it at that. Even if it made him angry, he should have calmed down very quickly realizing what happened to you. This behavior is absolutely unforgivable.

  6. I was incoherent and my self esteem is so bad that I was seeking external validation and at the time it didn’t matter to me about who it came from.

    you work on yourself until this isnt an issue. its up to her whether she forgives you.

  7. Are you asking because you want to understand, or are you asking because you want to change her? Don't date the girl you wish she was: date the girl she actually is.

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