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Date: October 19, 2022

3 thoughts on “Daiaashanti on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. This defensiveness is suspicious, not going to make any accusations based on it, but it is suspicious.

    It is time to keep an eye on things. Try not to stress yourself, easier said than done, but just be vigilant. Don't jump to any conclusions, allow your vigilance to reveal what is, whatever it is.

    Also don't ask too many questions, because he has demonstrated that he is not going to be reliable in answering them.

  2. You guys sound more immature than 23. Probably shouldn't have had a kid together or gotten married.

  3. You have to walk through the uncomfortable to get to comfortable. Rushing to find someone new tries to go around or avoid the uncomfortable.

    You were with this person for 4 years. In that length of time we tend to lose some of who we are. Like we start eating our eggs the way they like theirs and maybe even forget that that was isn't actually our favorite. (Runaway Bride movie reference)

    Spend a little time finding out who you are and what you like. Get comfortable with being single. Get comfortable with you. In time you will be ready to date again but in the meantime you have so many options!! Enjoy them!

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