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  1. People are so weird. My husband was sneaky before the proposal. I was sneaky 3 months before our marriage because I took singing lessons to surprise him with our song during the reception. People in healthy relationships don’t think the worst immediately.

  2. Well, can't say I've ever been divorced.

    But I also can't say that my wife has ever told me that she no longer wants me to spend time with me, and she wants me to stop asking.

  3. I think it comes down to this is her first boyfriend and it’s been 3 weeks. This is not his first girlfriend. So for him, his threshold of “firsts” is a lot higher than hers. Yes she has to learn how to speak up, but for a lot of young women, speaking up is something that’s taught out of you and you have to relearn. I think she wants him to pump the breaks but doesn’t have the tools to say that. And I think he just doesn’t see it as a big deal, because to him it isn’t. I don’t think forever he was supposed to ask her, but I think she was trying to not only buy herself time to get comfortable with step one, she was trying to put something in place where she’d have the opportunity to say no.

    They’re both so young. Like reading this really took me back. I think my first boyfriend we dated for like two months or something crazy before I was like “I gotta rip this kiss bandaid off, this is crazy.” But he was also someone that was, while more experienced than me, in total puppy love and definitely willing to let me lead. And this was before consent was like a real conversation the general public was having. But it was nice because everyone got to keep and test their boundaries and when that ended and other relationships began, there was a standard of “no I don’t like this” or “no I don’t actually want to do this” that I could hold other people to.

  4. I met my wife when I was engaged. I was 20 she was 18. That was in 1999. We have been together everyday since and have 2 kids and married 17 years. If it feels right go for it, you will never know if you don't try.

  5. Someone make this comment stay at the top ..!!

    omg i can’t believe some of the stuff i read on here ..

    self esteem is sooo important along with so many other things

  6. Yeah this dude isn't your best friend he's a damn stalker at this point and a highly delusional one at tht. That's exactly what stalkers do they build up a narrative in their heads about the supposed life u guys have together and that ur gonna come around at some point or are just playing with them.

    Inform your family and friends of his behavior and that you don't want to be around him because u don't feel safe because he is making u highly uncomfortable. Cut contact with him. Block him! On EVERYTHING.

    hence speaking to ur fam so they don't entertain him accidentally and u end up f2f with his weirdo ass.

    He's trying to manipulate u. And it's gonna get worse. With self harm threats if u don't date him or speak to him which honestly I'd be like well good luck with tht personally.

    I knew a guy exactly like this when i was younger bt as nice a person as i am i have a high bs detector and just told him to fuck off or I'll call the cops if i see him again.

    This is the kinda guy tht asks u to please meet up with him and the drugs and rapes u telling u, u wanted it.

    This isn't a man that's safe for u to be around. Don't entertain him anymore Jesus. Don't put urself in harms way. This isn't normal.

  7. You reduced him to his height. Aren’t you both basically in the wrong here? This is a silly argument.

  8. Haha, good observation! I caught it after submitting my post – really was no need to specify the gender, I just differentiate her from his other coworkers as she's the only female on his team

  9. Why in the world would you want to meet your girlfriends husbands family?

    Because he views you as his child’s grandparents/aunts/uncles. Seems to me your family is going to be expected to treat his child the same as if that child was your brother’s baby.

    I hope your brother understands what he’s signing up for here and that if he isn’t happy with it, the time to get out of raising someone else’s kid is now.

  10. If I’m honest, it feels like being in a relationship right now is very difficult. Even aside from the complaints, I just feel like I need to spend most of my time either with my friend group to keep my mind off of things, or just spending some time alone to work on myself and piece myself back together. I don’t want to break a heart, just because mine got broken by a situation out of everyone else’s control.

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