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Date: September 23, 2022

10 thoughts on “Dakota Blare

  1. My biggest piece of advice is figure out if, where and how much you can be flexible, before you have that conversation.

    If you don't stick to your boundaries and just compromise because you don't want to lose her (even though i empathize with that) it's just gonna lead to LOTS of resentment, and your relationship won't be viable in the long run.

  2. My guy, this is why guys get a bad rap. No means no. If you can't accept that move on another woman that will say yes. Don't try and pressure her into something she doesn't want, and likely isn't ready for, just become you want to have sex.

  3. I on-line with others and don't wanna subject them to my naked form as I get up to use the toilet often, I get bug bites a lot at night so having cloth helps prevent them, I don't like chafing my thighs, and I feel too vulnerable/exposed. Buuut I hear folks enjoy it xD

  4. The GTFO part was a little much. But I would agree but she has gotten better. She used to be so much more controlling. So that’s why I’m conflicted

  5. She lied. She lied BIG. She lied to her what she wanted regardless of your feelings. How many liters has she told since then? I don’t know that i could overcome that lie. Also, if you have kids get a dna test. Not because she previously slept with a lot of dudes but because she lies about her sexual history. You need to verify paternity due to her lies.

  6. Elsa Jean and other petite pornstars don't look “fully developed” either lmao. Good god, how can so many women not know that there are different sized women? Ive dated F cupped teens and moms in their 30s with 3 kids who were size 0 pants, A cup with zero stretch marks. The mom in her 30s honestly looked younger.

    Is this the shit guys have to put up with now? Women projecting their insecurities into porn habits and accusing men of being pedophiles because porn isn't labeled correctly? We all might as well just go after the younger ones since we have to deal with this shit for 3 decades.

  7. If she can afford the place on her own, she can afford something else. Never let anyone promise you that you will get your security deposit back when you aren’t living there. Stuff happens and it could be devastating. Mixing money up in a breakup is a terrible idea.

  8. being inconsiderate towards guests

    Mate, reality check time. It's a baby's birthday at 11 am in the morning.

    The only way a person could actually be put out by not having alcohol at that, is if they are a full fledged alcoholic.?

    The fact he has you even questioning this, makes me think you need a little bit more distance from him so you can get a more normal perspective.

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