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  1. You think it would be less upheaval for your child to (inevitably) find out later that her dad isn’t really her dad? That her childhood was built on a lie? That her biological father found out about her but didn’t care enough to want to get to know her? Honestly, who gives a shit what the mother wants. She has kept this from you for 11 years, robbed you of the opportunity to get to know your own child, and then tossed this bomb into your life for apparently no reason. Why would you respect her wishes? She’s lied to and deceived everyone in her life, and then told you only to alleviate her guilty conscience. Her judgment here is terrible. You say (I think. From context I’m assuming a typo), that it wouldn’t be right to demand “now” to be involved, but you didn’t know before. You never had a prior chance to be involved. It’s not like you’ve been a deadbeat for a decade and changed your mind. It is your right to get to know your child, and it is her right to get to know her biological father. Take a paternity test, and then take the opportunity to consult a child therapist and work out a positive way to transition into her life. If this mother is actually a good mother, then she’ll help facilitate a healthy introduction that won’t be traumatic for the child. But understand that if you choose to walk away now that you have this information, that is on you. You’ll have to answer for that decision someday.

  2. If the feelings are gone and you feel they won’t come back, the reasons why don’t necessarily matter.

    You can choose to open up to her and tell her how you’re feeling. Perhaps you guys will reach an amicable break-up decision.

  3. If you're trying to figure out a way to phrase it that won't be painful for her to hear, there isn't any. You need to tell her anyway. And she needs to hear it. Sometimes, painful conversations are unavoidable. This is one of those times. You're both allowed to have any and all feelings you may have about this situation. It's going to suck. And it's also going to be ok. Just do it.

  4. I don't think she would cheat on me nor do I feel like I have to monitor everything she's doing… I don't think I've ever thought in that way. She always had her own group of friends who I'm on good terms with but I never really cared about what she did with them nor do I care about any men or anyone honestly, I could say I trust her to the truest extent. Nor do I think she would abandon me, I know she loves me a lot too. I just feel so lonely without her. I can focus on my work alright, so I can function I think, but for me, for the past years every moment I considered “alone-time” or relaxation, she's always been next to me I guess. And I do feel anxious without her. Like sleeping alone is like a recipe for insomnia for me at this point. And once I'm done with an appointment I usually walk over to her room to see her working or just chat. And she does the same too. And without all that, it's just so weird and lonely.

  5. So first he’s controlling, inconsiderate, probably toxic as well.

    So you should definitely look at leaving him.

    And yes, it should not have been an issue for him to take a few seconds out of his time to send you a text to say that he’s still partying, and likely will be very late.

    It is not wrong to want updates, or to be worried.

    The only thing that you possibly could have done better, was to actually ask him when he was going to be back when he was going out, instead of assuming that he’d be back at a late, but reasonable time as you both had class the next day.

  6. I told him some people I talk to. Tomorrow I will talk to the reps about my situation. However, I don't know many people as he pretty much isolated me from anyone in my lectures

  7. Yeah, he went off the deep end and now he is trying to push you into his side of the pool.

    Time to go!

  8. if he can't even be bothered to shower or brush his teeth, when he says you stink down there, it's probably just him smelling his own breath….

  9. He advertised one thing so that he could land you. Now that he has you, he’s not willing to do what he did to get you. Move on. Several months in shouldn’t be this naked. Never try to convince someone of your worth. He’s told you that he’s not going to give you what you want and deserve. Believe him. Move on.

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