Date: September 22, 2022

6 thoughts on “DEBBIE CROSS

  1. Yeah hes a total psycho. What kind of lunatic takes a relationship seriously with a girl he likes? Whats next, is he gonna remember your birthday?

    Major red flag, gotta cut him loose

  2. Is y'all's relationship good besides this?

    You need to tell your husband how it made you feel and how upset you were. Ask him why he thought it was funny. Keep asking that question. To explain himself.

    You also need to ask what those friends think of you and how they make you feel. What he's doing isn't right. No one should be the butt of a joke and they've never included you. Why?

  3. He sounds narcissistic, at the very least — he's immature.

    So when he goes out, does he approach women? If his argument is that you're female so you get approached, presumably, men who go out approach females. My guy tried to use the argument that I am friendly and attractive and therefore I'll be approached and hit on. I said he'll have to trust ME.

    Either way, calling you hoe-ish or insinuating this is uncalled for. Sweet a boundary ASAP, this is disrespectful.

  4. You sound kinda like a pushover..You need to learn how to say no and then follow through with it.

    Read your own post, how many times do you need to 'have your boundaries' pushed to figure it out? I am not going to tell you what to do(although I bet you would like that), you have to be able to figure that all out on your own. Here is a hint though on how to end things (not that I am telling you to do that, you need decide all on your own) you tell them to stop calling you and then you block and move on with your life.

  5. I feel like I’m the odd one out with the following comment but: It sounds like she’s working through the very normal thoughts and feelings of someone in a long term committed relationship with the same person since they were teenagers in a private way (journal and therapy). I would cut her some slack.

    Teenagers do dumb shit (all the blurred lines with the ex at the start of your relationship). Typically most people gain some dating experience and get all that shady shit out of their system before getting married. You two didn’t. She’s had to grow up and turn into an adult IN your relationship. All that comes with a load of thoughts and emotions, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, waxing and waning attraction. All of this seems normal to me.

    Forgive me for skimming the end, but it seems clear that she’s not acting on any of these thoughts or emotions and has stood by you for two decades. If you think most women don’t experience similar thoughts and emotions during 20 years with the same person you’d be wrong. Everything you read in her journal is normal and not anything you should shame her for. Use this as a chance to be open to hearing her truths and encourage better communication.

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