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  1. I think this is awesome advice. Ironically, the life i currently on-line was part of a 'drastic' move i made after the Covid quarantine. I cut my hair, moved to a new town, and got a new job? But that is also what contributed to the huge disconnect from my previous friends. I'm gonna give it some thought as to what 'new' moves i want to make. Thank you 🙂

  2. She wasn't using you. You admit she paid you back every penny. So you get no pitty from me. What sucks is she thought she had a real friend who turned out was just playing nice to fuck her. You're just awful all around. Tell your wife.

  3. He probably shouldn't have made that joke, but he was also probably nervous and had a brain explosion. Poor guy. I think it's pretty funny. Anyways, I think there's probably a certain degree of TMI that your Dad is trying to process. Imagining your child, the one you raised from a baby and saw grow up day by day, getting ploughed is pretty visceral. I think it will pass after a little while.

    Funny side story, I met my wife's Dad when we'd been dating maybe a month. It was her bday party and he was there. So I went up, said hello and introduced myself. He's about 6'7 and I'm 5'10 on a good day. My wife was hammered and nervous. In a pause in the conversation, she just blurts out , “YES DAD WE'VE HAD SEX”. He looks at me, I look at him. I just nodded and walked off.

  4. When you started telling the story, my first thought was she was going to start being deceptive about meetups. Sure enough. It's literally out of the handbook, bro. Then the phone died, etc. Classic. She cheated. She is pulling directly out of the cheaters handbook. No advice on what you should do, that is up to you and the future you believe you have. Just as long as you know what happened when you make your decision.

  5. A very anxious and mistake-prone woman getting emotionally involved with a guy who has a superiority complex is a recipe for disaster. All the available personalities in the world to couple up with and you picked the one that would be the absolute worst for you.

  6. Omg, are you even reading what you’re writing? Having your feelings hurt and even expressing them isn’t abusive and I don’t know where did that even come from. The first time he said no to your request you call him an asshole and use the fact that he hasn’t said no before against him.

    Most people would think about it “damn, my bf accommodates my insane requests 9 times out of 10. He’s awesome!”. You think of it “how this asshole dares to say no to me the 10th time I ask when he said yes the previous nine?!”

  7. You can break things off for any reason.

    Perhaps, you don't care about him as much as you thought?

    Sounds like you care more about your bodies desires and pleasure than your partnership with him.

    Life changes a lot, and our bodies react with people whether we want them to or not.

    Your choice is ultimately what matters when it comes to love and partnership.

    Make your choices wisely, and I encourage you to be mindful of whether you are really considering things more than just wanting gratification physically and social comfort and/or status.

    I wish you well, and take care

  8. He has manipulated you and emotionally abused you. You need to get out of this relationship, it is not healthy. I'd highly recommend therapy.

  9. Yesterday was my boyfriend and I’s 5 month anniversary. It took me two months to be able to tell him I love him. He was very eager to tell me that he loves me and we set boundaries and I explained I wasn’t comfortable about it. Since he was ready, he should wait until I’m ready. And the moment came. I totally understand issues with that because I (at first) was very scared of commitment. Is your boyfriend comfortable with you telling him you love him? If he is, and you truly think you’re ready, go for it

  10. Fucking hell dude stop trying to manifest an abusive rage fuelled out of control husband. I know this sub loves to read between the lines but unless the OP tells you otherwise, stop speculating just to get your kicks.

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